Infinite Block; The Handheld Gaming Device for Social Settings

Just launched on Indiegogo, Infinite Block, a startup of passionate designers and engineers announced their fully configurable- handheld gaming device that randomly displays answers, challenges, questions or riddles. Coined as a unique -rated R- gaming device that compiles classic, group and party games in one compact block. It’s up to the user on what it wants the block to show! You can play dozens of classic games or create new ones.

Designed to play straight out of the box, the Infinite Block has pre-loaded games for adults to enjoy including drinking games, magic answers, challenges, spin the bottle, truth or dare and even sexy dice. Users can also configure it to display whatever you want! All the way from a secret Santa to a raffle or Russian roulette, you decide!

See some of the infinite possibilities below.


The Infinite Block platform is open source so you can just download it and configure your block to display whatever you want to. It comes in different colors and it supports dozens of languages! It’s also a great way to complement your board game collection and make your nights with friends different each time and super fun.

As shown above, it can also be used as a digital dice and it has an integrated clock; so you can just let it rest on your desk or nightstand and make it look great! The Infinite Block is fully rechargeable via micro USB. To play a game just scroll the menu with the push of a button and select the option you want by shaking it.

The Infinite Block’s Indiegogo campaign can be found here: They have a goal of $5,000 and their early bird special for your very own Infinite Block is $19.00.


Source: Infinite Block, Indiegogo