Hale Orb: The NEW Way to Share Photos and Videos

Today, Hale Orb, a smart tennis-ball sized device that enables users to scroll through unlimited images and videos on a TV screen, launched their IndieGoGo campaign. The Hale Orb solution combines hardware, software and cloud using a wireless, spherical-shaped remote control that blends technology and design. The unique design and usability makes it easy for everyone to upload, share and view unlimited photos and videos.

How does the Hale Orb work?

Hale Orb acts like a remote, you spin and push it, and when new photos are uploaded the device glows, alerting users’ new media is available. A small HDMI stick plugs into the TV & installs Hale Orb, and uses a local Wi-Fi connection to stream images onto the TV.

The Hale Orb photo experience includes:

  • Orb – The spherical shaped hardware component serves as a functional remote control for viewing pictures and videos on a TV. With a scrolling wheel and push button, tap the Orb to turn it and the TV on. Receive notifications (lights and sound) when new photos have been uploaded or viewed.
  • Stick – The “brains” of the experience, the Hale stick plugs into the HDMI port on a TV and acts as a computer. Depending on the TV model and configuration, it can automatically detect the correct TV input and connect to Wi-Fi, serving as a constant Internet connection.
  • Hale Central (Cloud Service) – Unlimited storage for images. Additional video storage options are available for a minimal cost.
  • Hale Orb App (iOs, Android) – Free companion app makes it easy to upload photos and videos directly from a smartphone.

There are 3 easy ways to share photos using Hale Orb, users can either:

  • Use the companion app for iOS and Android which is one of the simplest ways to upload from a smartphone.
  • Automatically sync photos and video directly to Hale Orb from all the places they are typically stored.
  • Share content including Google, Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram, as well as via email.

Hale Orb is now available for pre-orders on IndieGoGo and running 50% off early bird special. The IndieGoGo campaign will run through June 30, 2017 and features early bird packages and deals at every price point, starting at $99. At launch, the planned MSRP for Hale Orb is $199 for standard units and $399 for higher value wooden designs. They have currently raised $17,149 USD with 127 backers and have a goal of $20,000 to achieve in a month.

To back the Hale Orb’s IndieGoGo campaign click here. If you would like to learn more about Hale Orb or to register for email updates and get additional product information click here.


Source: Hale Orb, DouZen, Indiegogo