Figo Sous Vide Cooker Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Recently since people are spending more time at home, Sous vide, a method of cooking in which food is placed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and cooked in a water bath for longer than usual cooking times, has become a craze. Figo Sous Vide Cooker, the world’s first all-in-one sous vide machine that seals, stores, cooks and cools has launched on Indiegogo. Designed for busy home chefs of any level, Figo creates meals that take no effort to prep and clean making meals ready to cook in as little as 30 seconds.

3 Easy Steps in to Use Figo:

  • Season and seal food: Figo includes a built-in vacuum sealer making delicious meal prep take no time.
  • Place food inside Figo: To start cooking, place your sealed food inside the machine to cook food to the perfect temperature immediately, or use the app to schedule a cook to finish later.
  • Cooking with Figo: Once limited to the pros, sous vide provides precise cooking temperature for high-quality results. Figo’s engineering allows for food to be consistently cooked to perfection with unbelievable taste, without feeling the anxiety of overcooking.

Features of Figo Include:

  • Control Figo anywhere with the mobile app: Built with busy people in mind, the Figo App lets users meal prep in as little as 30 seconds, choose exactly when they want to eat, and exactly how they want their food prepared.
  • Revolutionary Heating and Cooling System: Figo’s Dry Sous Vide System cools food to safe temperatures just like a refrigerator without sacrificing any of the sous vide experience. When ready to cook, Figo simply moves the water from its storage compartment to the cooking compartment and begins the sous vide process for you. Meals can be scheduled in advance to cook while at work, spending time with family or running errands, and thanks to the Dry Sous vide System users can adjust their arrival time without ruining their meal!
  • Build In Vacuum Sealer and Large Cooking Compartment: Figo is the only sous vide on the market with a built-in vacuum sealer. Not to mention, it fits up to four servings of your favorite meals.

Consumers can purchase Figo at for an early-bird special price of $139, 60% off MSRP at

More information can be seen at:

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Source: Figo, Indiegogo