Leanne Marshall Autumn/ Winter 2021 Bridal Collection at New York Bridal Fashion Week

Off the heels of Paris Fashion Week, this week debuted New York Bridal Fashion Week which took please virtually due to the pandemic from October 7th through October 9th. This week Leanne Marshall, fashion designer and Project Runway winner, debuted her Autumn / Winter 2021 Bridal collection to which brought romantic elegance with a hint of edge.

On Tuesday, October 6th, Leanne Marshall unveiled some of the pieces on social media, but the full collection consisted of gowns, separates, capes, sleeved and sleeveless gowns.

Leanne’s standout pieces included 2 hand-dyed gowns with hues of purple, blue, vibrant orange, blush, and of course traditional whites. 

When speaking about her AW2021 collection on Instagram Leanne said “(To be honest), I didn’t think I wanted to do (a collection this season) with all that’s going on this year. I didn’t feel inspired. Eventually, I kicked my (butt) into gear to create just a “few” new things. And then those few gave birth to more ideas and it felt good to create. And then I ended up with a rather full new collection, and I’m quite pleased that I pushed through and did it despite hesitation.”

The year 2020 has been rough, to say the least, this vibrant and beautiful collection came at a time when some have found it difficult to find inspiration, creativity and beauty in the world. Leanne Marshall pushed through the darkness to give us one of her most beautifully crafted and inspired collections to date. 

About Leanne Marshall:

Leanne Marshall’s sophisticated designs are known for their light, flowing lines, feminine details and timeless elegance. Each dress is made in New York using only the highest quality materials. The Leanne Marshall Brand is a staple for the woman who wants a dress that will showcase, not overshadow, her beauty. Attention to high quality standards, proper flattering fits and silhouettes, and her unique ethereal approach to design have made Leanne a go-to for the today’s woman. With touches of classic and modern, sophistication and youth, Leanne Marshall has captured an effortless grace and timeless elegance in her collections.  

For more information visit  www.leannemarshall.com or follow on social at @leannemarshallofficial.   


Source: Leanna Marshall, NYFW