EvaPolar Launches First Of It’s Kind Portable Air Sanitizer on IndieGoGo

As the United States starts the stages of reopening while the COVID-19 virus is still spreading there is still a huge need for personal sanitizers. Recently announced, Evapolar, a leading international vendor of personal microclimate solutions, has launched a new Indiegogo campaign for EvaPure, a new personal Air Disinfector that serves as a sustainable solution for individual effective air disinfection.

EvaPure is the flagship product of a new generation of portable air disinfectors, sanitizers and oxygenizers. EvaPure, from Evapolar, is an air care unit that combines functions of air disinfector, sanitizer and oxygen generator. The hand-sized device uses a new innovative approach to disinfection by direct evaporation of active liquid based on hydrogen peroxide.

Most traditional disinfectants spray disinfectant liquid, however, the EvaPure effect is based on direct evaporation of hydrogen peroxide. The EvaPure releases active ions of oxygen into the atmosphere and kills or weakens microorganisms and viruses. Once the oxygen ion completes the redox reaction it converts it into molecular oxygen which then refreshes the air in the room and prevents low oxygen levels.

EvaPure registered up to a 92% reduction in the amount of microorganisms in the air after just one hour of use. The device consists of just two buttons, a small water tank and comes with 30 concentrated hydrogen peroxide & silver ions tablets.

Through Indiegogo, EvaPolar hopes to raise a minimum of $40 000 with their early bird special starting at $69.00. Evapolar hopes to go into tooling production in July 2020 with mass production slated for October 2020 resulting in delivery of the EvaPure in December 2020. The Indiegogo Link can be found here: https://igg.me/at/evaPure/.

For more information, visit www.evapolar.com.


Source: Evapolar, Indiegogo