Quanta Vici Smart Wearable Heated Gloves and Socks On Kickstarter

Just in time for the winter season, Quanta Vici launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their Smart Wearables Heated Gloves and Socks that provides smart temperature regulation for up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. The Quanta Vici Smart Socks and Gloves have even heat distribution and a battery that lasts up to 6.5 hours when used at the highest setting, or multiple days on medium settings.

A full charge is achieved in under two hours via USB-C fast charging, and if the day requires heat for more than 6.5. hours, it’s also easy to connect the gloves or socks to any portable power bank for simultaneous heating and on-the-go charging, should the need arise for extra power.

Quanta Vici brought together designers and engineers from major brands including Adidas, BMW, and Ralph Lauren to ensure every glove and sock exceeds the highest standards in form and function.

Quanta Vici Smart Wearables are waterproof and ready for wear in any cold weather situation. They leverage unique carbon fibers to evenly distribute heat to ensure all extremities are kept comfortably warm.

Quanta Vici Smart Gloves are lightweight and feature touchscreen-friendly fingertips and anti-slipping grip texture. The gloves are made from 75% recycled polyester and 25% spandex, while the socks feature a blend of wool, nylon, and spandex.

Temperature is maintained via Integrated Smart Sense Apparel Control. This proprietary system of sensors measures the temperature inside the wearable to regulate heat to each user’s preferred setting down to the degree.

Quanta Vici’s smartphone app allows wearers to check battery time to know whether it’s time to recharge from within the app, and quickly check the temperature settings and make adjustments if needed.

The app also features a memory setting, so users don’t have to worry about remembering what their heat preferences are. Each Quanta Vici Smart Wearable comes in either small/medium or large/extra-large and is quickly charged in under two hours.

To pre-order, visit pr.go2.fund/weardasun. To learn more about Quanta Vici please  visit: https://www.quantavici.com/.


Source: Quanta Vici, Kickstarter