Celebrate Green November with LastObject’s Reusable Sustainable Alternatives

Founded in 2018, LastObject’s mission is to eliminate single-use items by creating reusable sustainable alternatives. All their products must have at least 10x real environmental impact vs the traditional single-use products they replace. Since the launch of their first product, the LastSwab, the company has launched several other sustainable alternatives that include the LastTissue and the LastRound. We’ve received all three products to review for Hi-Tech Chic and have recently tested them all out.


LastSwab provides an eco-friendly alternative to the many uses of single-use q-tips without the large environmental footprint. This reusable q-tip comes in two different models for different applications.

General Q-tip Uses

Beauty-oriented Uses

They are both made from durable yet flexible, high quality, and non-toxic materials which are gentle on the skin and easy to clean, in fact, all I had to use was some soap and water. Both LastSwab versions come with a convenient and cornbased carrying case that keeps your reusable q-tip stored away safely. To shop please visit: https://lastobject.com/pages/lastswab.


LastTissue is an eco-friendly alternative to paper tissues and takes 3 times less energy which saves several tons of resources globally. One LastTissue box contains 6 reusable tissues made from 100% organic cotton that fit into a sleek minimal case made with 100% silicone. The case is dishwasher safe and you can wash the tissues 520 times each.

LastTissue was easy to use/ test out by simply taking a tissue from the bottom, use it, and then store it on top of the marked-tissue barrier. Please note, you’ll know you’re on your last tissue when the marked one appears – that means it’s cleaning time. After washing, you repack and use them all over again. To shop please visit: https://lastobject.com/pages/lasttissue.


LastRound is a reusable and sustainable alternative to single-use cotton pads. Out of all of the products test from LastObject, the LastRounds are something I use almost daily. I didn’t even realize how many cotton rounds I use to go through in a week! Every pack consists of 7 reusable cotton pads and a bio-based case. Simply grab a LastRound from the top of the pile, apply some water or other liquid if you prefer, and wipe!

After using the pad, you can wash it by hand or in the washer, just don’t forget your laundry bag! Lastly, put the clean pad under the case to use it again and again. To shop please visit: https://lastobject.com/pages/lastround.

By choosing LastObject’s environmentally friendly, reusable products, you are contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment in our oceans. In celebration of Green November, for each product LastObject sells in November, their partners at Plastic Bank® will prevent 1kg/2lbs of ocean-bound plastic from entering the waterways in vulnerable coastal communities.

Together with Plastic Bank®, LastObject is helping the world stop ocean plastic while improving the lives of collector communities.

To shop their products during Green November please visit: https://try.lastobject.com/green-november/.


Source: LastObject