Atari VCS Systems Shipping to First Indiegogo Backers Fall 2020

The much anticipated Atari VCS System will be shipping to the first backers of their Indiegogo campaign this Fall 2020! The Atari team is excited to report that much of the Indiegogo production run is already well on its way, crossing the ocean and headed to Atari’s fulfillment warehouse in California.  As long-promised, Indiegogo backers will be the world’s first customers to receive their Atari VCS systems and accessories!

Atari just released behind the scenes information and tons of great photos from the factory assembly line and loading docks, including the first chance to see an actual Atari VCS 800 Collector’s Edition, completed and ready to ship. 

It was an incredibly busy summer at the Atari VCS and PowerA factories as the various teams worked hard to deliver these units. Currently the first batch of product is almost complete, with only the all-new Wireless Classic Joysticks remaining to finish.

This shipment includes the one-time-only, Indiegogo-exclusive Atari VCS 800 Collector’s Edition model. Inspired by and designed as an homage to the original Atari 2600, there will only be 6,000 numbered and authenticated versions of this model.

The biggest mission-critical element to assure smooth shipping is making sure every backer has the correct address and contact information in their Backerkit account. Amazingly, more than 200 backers still have not done this! Please visit to confirm your info and avoid frustrating delivery hassles! **Note: This is a self-serve function that cannot be done on Indiegogo and the very best way to assure a trouble-free delivery of your VCS.

Congratulation to all those who will be received the first Atari VCS System this fall! To pre-order or learn more about Atari VCS:


Source: Atari, Indiegogo