Introducing Travis the Translator


Travis the translator is a pocket-sized smart device that uses artificial intelligence to instantly recognize and translate speech in 80 languages in less than two seconds. Travis includes offline and online mode, 12h battery life and several other features that make it a smart device.

There are three different ways you can use Travis:

  1. Use built-in microphone & built-in speakers
    • Travis hears what’s being said via its microphones, and clearly repeats what is said in another language via its speakers.
  2. Use built-in microphones + earphones (wired/wireless)
    • Travis hears what is said via its built-in microphones, and repeats what is said in your ear via the wired/wireless earphones.
  3. Use wired headset + wireless headset (standard Bluetooth or Airpods).
    • Travis hears what is said via the headsets and translates it in the other person’s ear.

After a successful Indiegogo Campaign the first 5,000 pre-orders are being produced and will begin shipping to all early adopters already this summer, with the next ones planned for September 2017. This is exciting for those who did the early bird packages as you never know if a campaign would be successful or not. They were obviously successful with raising $795,714 USD in total which was 784% over their goal.

If you didn’t get a chance to buy one of their packages during the campaign you can still pre-ordered on Indiegogo / InDemand platform: The packages start at $149.00 with estimated delivery of September 2017.

Recently they added Cantonese, Vietnamese and Brazilian, and Portuguese languages to Travis. They are also working on a travel pouch that you will get when purchasing a Travis.

I’m interested to see how Travis works as google translate has not been a great option for me when translating. Though most of use apps for translating I’m wondering if Travis will gain popularity over using an app. Time will tell!

For more information about Travis the translator click here.


About Travis B.V.

Travis B.V., consisting of an experienced international team operating from three continents: Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Boston / New York City (USA) and Shenzhen (China), has developed Travis the Translator, the world’s first smart pocket translator that works with Artificial Intelligence.

Source: Indiegogo, Travis B.V.