Product Review: CheetahTALK Plus Portable AI Real-time Translator

Introducing Cheetah Mobile’s new CheetahTALK Plus Portable AI Real-time Translator that is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo. CheetahTALK Plus provides users with instant two-way translation in 73 languages on a device smaller than a standard smartphone.

The AI Real-time translator provides customers the ability to communicate with 90% of the world with its Microsoft’s automatic speech recognition software and OrionStar AI Technology. 

The CheetahTALK Plus 1.54” IPS-LCD touch-screen offers a text-to-speech function to make it easier to learn new words and verify translation results. CheetahTALK Plus weighs 2.7 oz and has an active battery life that lasts up to 12 hours, although the device can be switched to standby for up to 50 days.

Conversations can be recorded for up to two hours and from a distance as far as 3 metres in HD audio with crystal-clear playback due to the dual noise-cancelling microphones. Recordings can be played back on the device with its customized 1.5W speakers or uploaded to a smartphone via Bluetooth. 

Product Review:

The CheetahTALK Plus comes with the device, USB charging cord and user guide, which is truly all you need to get started besides downloading the CheetahTALK App.

When I first received the CheetahTALK, I immediately plugged it in to get the full 12-hour charge and downloaded the CheetahTALK app while charging. After powering on, to get started you must have the CheetahTALK app open so the device can sync. (don’t forget to make sure your Bluetooth is on)  

Here’s is the video on how to set of the CheetahTALK Plus for the first time.

As you can tell from the video set up was simple and translating between the two languages did not take much time if any. You can also play back your translation on the CheetahTALK as seen below.

After my first test from translating English to French I decided to try a different language to check out the ease of use on the product. Here’s my video of the CheetahTALK Plus translating English to German.

Another feature that the CheetahTALK Plus offers is the recording option by simply using the same middle button that you would use to translate.

After you are finished recording the file will be available to listen to on your smartphone with the CheetahTALK app. Here’s the recoding demo which may give the CheetahTALK team a chuckle.

Overall, I enjoyed reviewing and testing out the CheetahTALK Plus. It’s small enough to fit in my purse, translates in a timely manner and surpassed the 12 hours active battery life by a couple hours. Even though due to the pandemic I won’t be able to use it on my Europe and Mexico trips I had planned for 2020, the CheetahTALK Plus will be my best travel gadget when I travel in 2021!  

For a limited time, CheetahTALK Plus is available for an early bird price of $99 on Indiegogo, down from a $199 retail value. Customers can also purchase a 2-pack for $179 for the duration of the campaign, down from a retail price of $399. 

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Source: Cheetah Mobile, Indiegogo