The RoomMe Sensor: A New Smart Home Solution

Smart home devices range from products like the Amazon Echo Dot to your very own fridge. It truly is insane how many smart home devices there are on the market and it will continue to keep growing! The problem I think most of us have with Alexa is the miscommunication between the user and the device. Often instead of hearing what you ask for, Virtual Personal Assistants give you what they think you ask for. It seems hit or miss at times however there is a new product that will solve this issue.Intellithings recently launched their Indiegogo campaign for the RoomMe. RoomMe, the Smart Home solution, identifies and adjusts everything in your smart home to your specific likings by syncing directly with your smartphone for hands-free, voice-free smart home control. Through smartphone synchronization, RoomMe creates the ambiance from light to mood to temperature and even security control, all by way of sensors.

RoomMe has some cool features like when you are in the room alone, the thermostat knows to dial it up to hot. When your significant other is in the room alone, the thermostat lowers to a cool set temperature. The lights turn on or off according to your preferences once you enter the room. This is an amazing feature especially for those who live alone. To have the lights turn on as soon as you enter the room without asking Alexa is genius! User can also program the RoomMe app to recognize him/her in the room and any time they enter, the cameras start rolling. 

RoomMe Specs include:

  • Diameter: 15.2cm / 6.1in
  • Height: 4.5 cm / 1.77in
  • Mounting: Ceiling, at room entrance
  • Wireless: TI CC2640 Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Batteries: 2x Alkaline D Type (Not included)
  • Battery Life: 2.5-3 years with normal use

What’s included in the box:

  • RoomMe Sensor
  • Ceiling Bracket
  • Mounting Kit (anchors and screws)
  • Installation instructions

Currently they have 23 days left of their Indiegogo and have already raised $41,643 USD which is 139% of $30,000. Their discounted packages are available on their Indiegogo site and pricing starts at $87.00. If you want to back RoomMe or buy one of their packages on Indiegogo click here.

About Intellithings:

Intellithings is a smart home solution company that develops innovative products and solutions for the IoT smart and connected Home market. Headed by CEO Oren Kotlicki, its main goal is to create a personalized and automated experience for homeowners around the globe, giving them the chance to make their life a living experience.


Source: Indiegogo, Intellithings