2017 Smart Connected Home Products

While at CES I got to explore all the Smart Home or Connected Home products and services to be launched throughout 2017. If anything I learned from CES is that the Smart Home or Connected Home market is flourishing and I predict throughout the year there will be even more awesome products launched.  Till then below are interviews from several different Smart Home or Connected Home booths I checked out while at CES plus pictures of those I didn’t get a chance to get interviews with.


Designed after the robot “Eve” from Wall-E the French startup, Fenotek is introduced Hi) at CES 2017. Hi:) is a wireless and GSM-enabled video doorbell that not only looks like her but is also as smart as her. Hi) combines all of the best capabilities and functions needed in a complete video doorbell to protect and connect the entire family via an app on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Hi) is enabled with both Wi-Fi and LTE functions, and capable of family recognition, while a real-time app notification allows you to confirm your identity. It also has 24/7 video monitoring, cloud data saving, and in-app door control, notifications and alarm triggers. While at CES I got to meet with the team so they could give me more insight and do a short video interview of what Hi) is all about.

Currently you can purchase Hi) through their indiegogo campaign and to learn more information about Hi) click here.


Olly is a brain-inspired AI engine and uses deep learning to provide accurate speech and emotion interaction. Moreover Olly is the first smart lifestyle assistant that actually develops a personality based on its owners moods and preferences, making daily communications with Olly unique and enjoyable. While at CES Olly won 4 of CES‘s Innovation Awards including Home Audio-Video Accessories, Smart Home, Home Appliances, and Drones and Unmanned Systems. The kind staff at the Olly booth gave a video demo/interview to give me (and you all) more insight about the robot with personality.

At this time there isn’t an official launch date or pricing but to keep posted on when Olly does launch sign up on their site to get email notifications.

Pico Brew

Pico, the world’s first automated craft beer brewing appliance and offering a daily menu of homemade IPA’s, ales, stouts and porters. This year at CES Pico was awarded CES‘s Innovation Award Honoree and at CES they not only had demos but you also got to taste their fresh craft beer. While at the booth I learned that Pico’s brew cycle takes a little over 2 hours to complete, depending on the specific PicoPak recipe. That was about all the information I could retain live so I went to their site to learn more and the next step. After the brew cycle is finished the beer will need to ferment for an average of 5 days (may be longer or shorter depending on the specific PicoPak recipe). From PicoPak to pint glass the whole process will take approximately one week.


Every Pico Home Brewing System includes the brewing keg, serving keg, sous vide adapter, and PicoPak. Pico can be purchased on their site for $799.00 and ships out between 1-3 days.*

Cassia provides connected home kits to make your home a smart home and while at CES Cassia was awarded CES’s Innovation Award Honoree. Cassia Connected Home Kit is a smart home kit with various components to make your life easier. With the Cassia Hub & Cassia Bluetooth stereo speaker, you get to stream music throughout your home. The speaker offers you a 360-degree sound experience. You get a wide range of 250 feet (3 wall penetration). Using the Smart Plug, you can control your appliances and lights remotely. You also get a multi-color LED light to put you in the right mood. While at CES I stopped by their booth to learn more about Cassia since I had not heard about it before. The kind staff was able to give me a quick interview about Casssia and how it works.

The kit will be available for $279 and for information about Cassia click here.

Unfortunately I did not get all the cool products I saw in video or a demo however I did take pictures of more smart home products I found cool.


Tittle is an innovative 3D LED light cube that transform home lighting. With the LAMP, MOOD LIGHTING & MUSIC VISUALIZER features, Tittle Light creates a seamless dialogue between light, space and sound inside your environment. Tittle Light allows users to send a 3D emoji directly to the lamp through the EMOJI feature.  I thought the tittle was really cool though I work from home and the music visualizer would be a distraction for  me or maybe a nice distraction.

20170105_184320 (2)

Tittle is not available yet to purchase however you can subscribed to be notified when they do on tittle site.


Smartbeings launched WooHoo, Artificial Intelligence based and interactive smart hub, at CES and also awareded CES’s Innovation Awards Honoree. WooHoo is the world’s first affordable and easy to use smart home solution. The specs for WooHoo include: Integrated 360-degree HD Camera with Facial Recognition, Patent Pending 360-degree Spatial Sound System, 7-Inch Touchscreen, Built in WiFi BLE, Zigbee, Zwave and 4G LTE, Integrated and Intuitive WooHoo Smart Platform, and Natural Language Processing Capabilities Enable the Device to Understand the User.WooHooNINA

They are currently in the midst of their Kickstarter campaign therefore you can pre-order or back the campaign on their Kickstarter campaign.


ADT at CES announced the launch of ADT Anywhere, a new family safety service and mobile app built in conjunction with trusted partner and family location market leader Life360. The new ADT Anywhere app offers customers peace of mind by combining Life360’s proprietary family location technology, 24/7 crash detection and roadside assistance with professional panic response monitoring via ADT Canopy.ADT

I loved going to this booth and not because I love home security but because this model is a real person though looks fake. The entire CES I tried to make this poor girl laugh. To learn more about ADT‘s new ADT Anywhere services click here.

I think 2017 promises to be a year of forward thinking and innovation with a huge emphasis on smart products. Throughout the year I will be doing product reviews and attending various technology events to bring you all the latest and greatest technology . Keep checking back on Hi-Tech Chic and Cutegeek for new posts throughout 2017!

Source: CES, PicoBrew, Cassia, Hi:), Olly

*Embarrassingly in the video I kept messing up Pico’s name, to be fair 3 days of CES and Vegas will make you a tad zany. Sorry Guys!