CES 2018 Guide and Tips

It’s that time again! Just as you were getting over the CES hangover it’s already time to register and book your hotel. We are 111 days till CES 2018. This will be my 5th consecutive year covering CES, this isn’t my first rodeo to say the least.

Like every year I’m posting important information you will need to make your CES 2018 a successful experience, see below.


Attendees are now able to register for CES 2018. To register for CES 2018 as an attendee, media, delegation leader or an exhibitor click here to register.

Badge Pick-Up

All attendees, media and exhibitors must pick up a badge on-site for CES 2018. Pick up location are listed here: http://ces.tech/Register-Plan/Badge-Pick-Up-and-Registration-Locations

Booking a Hotel Room

For a list of discounted hotel rooms during CES click here. This list will be updated periodically. Note: Rates will increase as January approaches and some CES hotels sell out quickly. Book today to secure the best rates at your first choice.

Make a Group Request

If you need a block of 20 or more rooms on any single night during your stay, use the group request form to submit a request directly to your hotel(s) of choice. This form can be found here: http://ces.tech/Register-Plan/Hotel/Reserve-a-Room-Block.aspx

Per the CES site you will receive a response within three business days with availability and pricing.

Discounts on Rental Cars

Hertz: Enter CV#05260002 when booking online to save on your rental car at any Las Vegas location over show dates.

Advantage: Book online with code CD07F7ECFB to save 15 percent.

Discounts on Entertainment

Cirque du Soleil: CES attendees get exclusive discounts on tickets for a variety of Cirque du Soleil shows, such as Mystère, Zumanity, and Michael Jackson ONE. Buy tickets in advance or show your CES badge at any Cirque du Soleil theatre ticket office.

Dates, Hours and Agenda

To start planning your CES 2018 trip this link will help you navigate through CES. Schedules always change but in the past I have already started planning my agenda months in advance. Dates, Hours and Agenda can be found here: http://ces.tech/Register-Plan/Dates-and-Hours

Here are some additional tips that will be helpful for attendees from my years of experience at CES:

  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: You will be walking a lot! Leave the Stilettos as home!
  • Make badge pick-up a priority: If you can as soon as your arrive as the lines will be long and increase daily. Do not procrastinate!
  • Save room in your suitcase: If you go to the convention center you will receive a bunch of samples. Also bring a large tote or bag so you aren’t walking around with your hands full the entire conference.
  • Bring Shout Wipes: Days are long at CES and the last thing you want is to be walking around with a huge stain on your shirt because there is no time to change. I takes a decade to get to any hotel during CES.
  • Book your hotel as soon as possible: Hotel prices sky rocket the longer you wait.
  • Bring multifunctional outfits: As stated before it’s hard to get to your hotel in a timely matter so make sure you have something that can change from day attire to evening attire.
  • Always bring portable chargers: This will help you charge your devices as you are walking from one convention hall to another.

As CES gets closer I will post more updates, stay tuned and keep checking back!


Source: CES