Introducing gita; the Carrier Robot

gita™ is a hands-free carrier/ robot that balances on two large wheels, that accelerates and decelerates with the speed and distance of a person. In fact, gita can rotate in place as fast as a person with a zero turning radius. gita™ is Italian for short trip, pronounced jee-ta which explains the robot’s purpose to help you get from “point a” to “point b” while assisting you with your groceries or belongings. During CES 2020 at the Venetian Hotel, I had a demo of the gita and learned a bit more about the innovation behind the robot.

When designing sound, lighting and color the gita designers began with the culture of the sidewalk, park and building interior rather than with the logic or styling of cars and trucks.

The overall form of gita expresses its direction and movement. Its rounded surfaces and lack of corners are slippery for moving past and around people. Its spherical shape expresses its ability to spin in place. Despite its roundness, it has a front, back and sides giving it a distinct directionality.

The front has a sensor array with prominent lenses oriented forward and to the side to indicate the field of view that gita uses to sense both the user who it is following as well as bystanders. When I was testing it out you can see how the robot vibes with your every move.

The gita robot is powered by electric motors and a battery pack that carries up to 40 pounds in its cargo bin at speeds of up to 6 miles per hour. Sensors and cameras enable it to follow people and avoid obstacles. The estimated run time with a fully charged battery is 4 hours and a recharge takes under 2 hours. The battery charger connects to a regular wall outlet.

The gita robot comes with a matching lidded Cargo Bin and a Charger. Open Organizer Bins without a lid, additional lidded Cargo Bins, and additional Chargers are available as accessories. To learn more about gita or to order one yourself please visit:


Source: gita, CES