200° FOV 8K Virtual Reality Headset: The Most Graphically Advanced VR Experience in the World

Today Pimax, the creater the world’s first 4K VR headset, launched their Kickstarter campaign for their newest product, the 200° FOV 8K virtual reality headset. Pimax has a goal of $200,000 in funding on Kickstarter with prices starting at $399.

The features of the Pimax 200° FOV 8K virtual reality headset include:

  • Field of View: 200 degrees
  • Resolution: 2*3840×2160, 16.6 million pixels in total
  • MTP (Motion To Photon) Latency: <15ms
  • Refresh rate: 75/90Hz per eye  (support 150/180Hz with Brainwarp)
  • Processor: GTX980/1070 or AMD R9 Nano, equivalent and above
  • Interface: DP1.4, USB 3.0
  • Experience: Seated VR, standing VR, room-scale positional tracking, hand Motion (optional)
  • Content: PiHome/Steam/Oculus Home (with a third party tool)
  • Audio: 2×3.5 mm audio jack, stereo sound earphones
  • Fit: Adjustable headset strap/headband, auto-demisting system, fits glasses/customized VR frame, IPD (Interpupillary distance) adjustment.

Below is the official press release from Pimax today:

San Francisco, California – September 19, 2017 –Pimax announced the launch of their campaign today for their new 200° FOV 8K virtual reality headset, designed for VR futurists.

After capturing the world’s attention with the release of the first 4K VR headset, Pimax is set to stun the tech world again by doubling the field of view to 200°, almost matching the human view of 220°, and offering six times to the resolution provided by most VR headsets. Providing an absolute sensory experience, the Pimax 8K VR combines stunning graphics and motion with high-end audio.

The new improved virtual reality headset is augmented with better transitions, while presenting no lag in viewing panoramic images and videos. This means users will be able to use Pimax 8K to experience up to two hours’ worth of movies and games without experiencing the motion sickness that many people suffer from when using current VR technology. Pimax 8K also reduces the ‘screen door effect’, where users begin to see fine lines between pixels, so that a more natural environment can be enjoyed.

With positional tracking and hand motion sensitivity, the Pimax 8K VR headset moves with you, creating a completely immersive rotating audiovisual experience and providing a more realistic feel when interacting with virtual environments.

The lightweight structure of the headset, ergonomic design and soft padding allows for a comfortable fit for users. To combat eye fatigue, the Pimax 8K features IPD (Interpupillary distance) adjustment and an auto demisting system in the headset design.

Pimax Founder & CEO, Robin Weng comments, “The 8K VR headset allows people to become a part of the ultra-high definition environment, by digitizing 2D illustrations from a screen and transforming the very environment around you, invoking a whole new level of emotion while in this 3D virtual space. The 4K was a brilliant breakthrough, and we have grown from that into the next step with the 8K headset, bringing a more genuine realism to virtual reality.  We are closing the gap between reality and the digital world.”

To contribute to their Kickstarter campaign click here. For more information, please visit Pimax at www.pimaxvr.com or Pimax facebook fan page: fb.me/pimaxvr.


About Pimax

Pimax was founded in mid-2014 by a team of VR geeks and engineers with 13+ years’ experience in wearable tech/smart devices, including 3+ years in VR/AR field. We created the world’s first 4K VR headset that was recognized as the best VR product in CES Asia 2016, and our 8K VR headset was unveiled at CES 2017. Pimax has offices in San Jose, California and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. For more information, please visit www.pimaxvr.com.

Source: Pimax