David Carr Prize Contest and SXSW 2018 Updates

As your SXSW Guru on ground zero in Austin here are the latest updates for SXSW 2018 starting with the 2018 David Carr Prize contest.

For all those talented writers out there I encourage you to enter the 2018 David Carr Prize contest. The focus of your essay or short story of 2,000 words needs to be based from this question: “In the future, how do you understand what is real and what is fake?”

If you aren’t familiar on who David Carr is here is a great summary of David Carr’s journalistic career provided by and cited from journalist, Mikaela Lefrak, from the The Atlantic.

David Carr got his start in journalism at the Twin Cities Reader, where he eventually became editor. He then went on to edit the Washington City Paper. Years earlier, he’d struggled with addictions to crack and alcohol, and he eventually turned those rank memories into a bestselling memoir. Along with his duties as a columnist, Carr taught a course on new media at Boston University, where I was his graduate teaching assistant.

At the time of his death in early 2015, David Carr was a prominent media columnist for The New York Times. He edited the alt-weekly Washington City Paper in the mid-1990s, where he cultivated some of the great journalistic talent of our day. He was both a blunt and colorful writer, with a gift for similes that would make readers snigger with pleasure. “To call something the most popular podcast might seem a little like identifying the tallest leprechaun,” he wrote in one of his Media Equation columns for the Times. Amid his kaleidoscope of accomplishments and obligations, Carr still found the time to guide dozens of young people in the arduous process of shaping careers of their own.

Entry deadline is Friday, October 13 for the 2018 David Carr Prize. If you always wanted to attend SXSW in Austin and you are a talented writer this prize package is mega! The winning essay (as judged by staff and an advisory board) receives a prize package that includes one SXSW Platinum Badge, a $350 airline voucher, and a complimentary four-night hotel stay in Austin during SXSW. Many people pay thousands just to attend SXSW so writers bust out your pen and paper and get to business to enter the 2018 David Carr Prize contest.

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As I continue to get the latest news for SXSW 2018 I will keep posting updates on Hi-Tech Chic till the first day of SXSW 2018.


Source: SXSW, Mikaela Lefrak, The Atlantic