Recap of the Eureka Park Marketplace at CES 2018

The Eureka Park Marketplace at the Sand’s Expo during CES gives startups the opportunity to showcase their product or concept in front of different audiences in the technology industry. When I walked into the Sand’s Expo I was blown away with how packed it was for the first day of CES 2018 but I had a mission, find Eureka Park Marketplace! Eureka Park Marketplace this year had more than 900 tech industry startups globally that participated at CES 2018. Attendees had access to more than 3,500 financial professionals, 7,000 members of the media, key investors and suppliers. Sponsors for the Eureka Park Marketplace place included: Arlington Economic Development, Avnet, Indiegogo, Samsung Next.

There was so much to see and I had a limited amount of time to get through the huge expo center however below are booths I got to briefly stop by.

Samsung NEXT Live Stage

Source: Samsung

During my short time at the Sand’s Expo visiting Eureka Park I stopped by the Samsung NEXT Live Stage and only caught the last bit of David Eun’s interview. The “What’s NEXT Live” stage featured live interviews with various entrepreneurs, innovators, and tech influencers in partnership with Entrepreneur magazine. Below is the list of the speakers and what they spoke about in short at the Samsung NEXT Live Stage during CES 2018.

  • David Eun – President, Samsung NEXT
    • Group president David Eun talks about what’s new at Samsung NEXT, including a look back at the work they did in 2017, as well as what tech trends they expect to see emerge in 2018.
  • Renee Dua – Co-Founder, Heal
    • Heal co-founder Dr. Renee Dua discussed the growth of her startup, an on-demand service for doctor house calls, and how technology is creating more personalized medical experiences. In conversation with Entrepreneur Magazine editor-in-chief Jason Feifer.
  • Baron Davis – All Star NBA Player & Founder of The Black Santa Company
    • NBA All Star Baron Davis talked about his transition from athlete to tech investor and entrepreneur. The interview consisted of new projects that include his Business Inside the Game (BIG) conference, Sports and Lifestyle in Culture (SLIC) multimedia studio, and The Black Santa Company.
  • Dor Skuler – CEO and Co-Founder, Intuition Robotics
    • Intuition Robotics founder Dor Skuler shared his vision for a future in which A.I. and robotics combine to help care for the elderly.
  • Rodney Williams – CEO, LISNR
    • Rodney Williams shared how he founded LISNR, as well as why ultrasonic audio technology is poised to emerge as the missing link in how devices communicate with one another.
  • Travis Bogard – Head of Product, Samsung NEXT
    • Samsung NEXT’s head of product discussed why they’re launching a product team, how he thinks about innovation, and which technologies he is most excited about pursuing in his new role.
  • Jennifer Chavarria – Head Of Studio, Kite & Lightning
    • Jennifer Chavarria, head of studio at Kite and Lightning, shared how her virtual reality company combines gaming, social and story to create emotionally transformative experiences.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Founder, VaynerMedia
    • VaynerMedia’s Gary Vaynerchuk discussed how brands can use the internet of things and AR/VR to engage their audiences in conversation with Entrepreneur Magazine editor-in-chief Jason Feifer.
  • Alex Hawkinson – Founder, SmartThings
    • SmartThings founder Alex Hawkinson discussed how the Internet of Things has changed since the company was founded, and how he expects it to evolve in the coming years.
  • Moshe Meyassed & Osnat Goren-Peyser – Co-Founders, 2Sens
    • 2Sens founders Moshe Meyassed and Osnat Goren-Peyser talked about how their combination of hardware and software will enable creators to naturally incorporate digital content into the real world.
  • Ted Schilowitz – Futurist in Residence, Paramount Pictures
    • Ted Schilowitz, the futurist in residence at Paramount Pictures, discussed how technology—including AR/VR—will shape the future of entertainment. In conversation with Entrepreneur magazine editor in chief Jason Feifer.

For more detailed information about the Samsung NEXT Live Stage at CES 2018 click here.


Hease is a new service robot using artificial intelligence to provide guidance, deliver simple and complex information, offer coupons and deals, and retrieve data.  Hease robots also possess the ability to inform, entertain, guide, and welcome; and when the encounter requires the human touch, the robots activate their “telepresence” mode to connect the end user to a member of the staff. Below are more specs for the Hease:

  • Interactivity & emotionsm – More than 35 different emotions and 30 times more interaction than a kiosk.
  • Large 19” bright screen – At the height of an adult as a child, the HD screen is integrated to the design.
  • Telepresence – Video conference system delivered with the robot.
  • Navigation optimization – It automatically goes to the most crowded area thanks to its intelligent navigation system.
  • Mobile Platform – Heasy is navigating autonomously to inform and guide people
  • Powerful sound system – Heasy has two speakers which are twice more powerful as its competitors.
  • Customization & accessories – Accessories (Payment, additional screen, NFC) and colors are customizable.
  • Heasy Lab – Handle Heasy’s settings easily thanks to our online Management System.
  • Anti-collision system – Proprietary system of obstacle detection through infrared laser.
  • SDK – The software development kit allow our partners to develop on Heasy

For more information or to pre-order Hease click here.

The MekaMon

I saw one of these in Eureka Park and it looked ultra-cool with the 4 mechanical legs but somewhat scary looking. The MekaMon can battle, pilot and play in true augmented reality that is all controlled with your smart device. Below are the product specifications

  • Fluid movement and lifelike animations of unparalleled detail thanks to twelve degrees of freedom across four mechanical legs.
  • Customizable and Upgradable – Repairs and upgrades made easy with an integrated and interchangeable modular leg design and attachable addon system.
  • Advanced IR Tracking – MekaMon reacts to augmented enemies with multi-directional targeting and tracking made possible by 4 x IR transceivers.
  • Unlock new abilities and AUGs to build out your strategy to fit your playstyle.
  • Track your progression – Track your stats, progression and MekaMon health both in-game and out with Internal Hardware Health Monitoring.
  • True Digital Traversal – True augmented reality with in-game collision detection powered by an Internal 3-axis inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and 3-axis magnetometer (digital compass).
  • Ever evolving features – Updates over time will bring even more life to MekaMon including developing unique personality traits and reacting to physical touch in real-time.

For more information about MekaMon click here.

VOGUE ARKit for iPhone X

I stopped by the VOGUE ARKit booth in Eureka Park but unfortunately didn’t have time for a demo. During CES iOS 11 introduced ARKit, a new framework that allows you to easily create unparalleled augmented reality experiences for iPhone X and iPad.

  • TrueDepth Camera – iPhone X and ARKit enable a revolutionary capability for robust face tracking in augmented reality apps. Using the TrueDepth camera, your app can detect the position, topology, and expression of the user’s face, all with high accuracy and in real time, making it easy to apply live selfie effects or use facial expressions to drive a 3D character.
  • Visual Inertial Odometry – ARKit uses Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) to accurately track the world around it. VIO fuses camera sensor data with Core Motion data. These two inputs allow the device to sense how it moves within a room with a high degree of accuracy, and without any additional calibration.
  • Scene Understanding and Lighting Estimation – With ARKit, iPhone and iPad can analyze the scene presented by the camera view and find horizontal planes in the room. ARKit can detect horizontal planes like tables and floors, and can track and place objects on smaller feature points as well. ARKit also makes use of the camera sensor to estimate the total amount of light available in a scene and applies the correct amount of lighting to virtual objects.
  • High Performance Hardware and Rendering Optimizations – ARKit runs on the Apple A9, A10, and A11 processors. These processors deliver breakthrough performance that enables fast scene understanding and lets you build detailed and compelling virtual content on top of real-world scenes. You can take advantage of the optimizations for ARKit in Metal, SceneKit, and third-party tools like Unity and Unreal Engine.

For more information or to download ARKit click here.


FOREO had one of the best press kits sent to media before CES began information us that said “Prepare yourself for the biggest innovation in skincare since ancient Eygpt.” If that doesn’t make you curious about a skin product what will?! At CES FOREO unveiled their new product UFO, the world’s most advanced smart mask that promises flawless-looking skin from a 20-minute treatment into a 90-second treat. Below are the specifications for the FOREO UFO smart mask.

  • Superior Results In Seconds – UFO merges beauty and technology to ensure you get more out of every mask, with better facial coverage and deeper penetration of mask essence.
  • A 360° Smart Mask Treatment – Featuring Hyper-Infusion Technology (heating + cooling + T-Sonic pulsations) & LED light therapy, UFO offers a professional-level treatment in the comfort of your own home.
  • Ufo-Activated Mask Formulas – App-controlled treatment routines activate essential ingredients in our exclusive Korean mask formulas, maximizing the benefits according to your skincare needs.

Hopefully they will send me the UFO smart mask for a product review! They currently have a Kickstarter campaign with their Early Bird UFO Mini package starting at $99.00. If you are interested in contributing to their Kickstarter campaign click here. To learn more about UFO by FOREO click here.

Below are startup products I wanted to check out at Eureka Marketplace but didn’t have the time to view.

SPARTAN boxers

SPARTAN boxers shield your nuts from wireless radiation with it’s cutting-edge technology combined with WaveTech fabric designs. Though there is a tad of humor in this, I think it would also be a great Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life. To purchase SPARTAN boxers click here.

The SmallGarden 2 (As seen on Shark Tank)

The SmallGarden 2 grows herbs, vegetables, and flowers within the comfort of your home. The SmallGarden 2’s advanced LED lights and WiFi enabled processor make growing fully automated. Ships February 12th 2018 and for more information click here.


Aladin, a wall-mounted smart light with multiple motion detectors inside of the fixture that can light the way for anyone getting up in the middle of the night. If they should fall, Aladin can send their loved ones a notification telling them that they need help. It’s also designed to detect changes in the user’s daily movement patterns. For more information about the Aladin click here.


The RUBIX Pod is a small box or pod for your home or desk that delivers accurate, relevant data collection allows fast response and relevant action for improving indoor environmental quality, building performance and global well-being. The RUBIX Pod can: Monitor Humidity, temperature , light, noise, and air quality. It can also provide analytics and nuisances alarms online plus it can identify odors and particles sources. For more information about RUBIX Pod click here.

Beyond Zero

Beyond Zero is the “world’s first” machines which enable any user to make liquor or wine cubes to cool drinks while eliminating the need for drink-diluting, water-wasting ice. The machines are ‘plug and play’ appliances which consume under 100W of power while automatically freezing pure liquor, wine or mixed cocktails into ice in a matter of just minutes. For more information about Beyond Zero please click here.

This concludes my recap of Sands Expo’s Eureka Park at CES 2018. Stay tuned for more CES 2018 recaps, SXSW 2018 updates and new product reviews derived by my CES 2018 adventure.


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