JUISIR – Juicing With Zero Cleaning and More Juice

One of the biggest hassles of juicing is clean up. It is one of the key reasons why I don’t like juicing. I like the juice but not the huge mess that requires taking apart my juicer to clean it out fully. There had to be another way to juice. Introducing the JUISIR, the worlds first cold press juicer that requires absolutely no clean up.


Your eyes are not deceiving you it truly requires no clean up! My mind was blown when I found out about this juicer. How is this possible? JUISIR is a cold press juicer that extracts juice from fresh fruit and vegetables through a press with about eight-tons of force (approximately equal to the size of two adult elephants) in only 90 seconds. The JUISIR uses biodegradable juicing bags that come in either single use or multiple use sizes.

The JUISIR is quite easy to use. Simply chop fruit and vegetables into pieces roughly the size of a dollar coin for maximum yield. Put about 300g-350g (0.7lb-0.8lb) raw products per bag, you can get approximate 200-250ml (6.8oz-8.5oz) juice. The fruit is squashed to a paper-like thinness and virtually every drop of juice is captured in the glass. After you’re finishing juicing either recycle the juice bags for a quick clean up or rinse it out for future use.


JUISIR is scheduled to introduce the prep juice packs with exclusive recipes shortly, offering customers an even easier way to juice with JUISIR. JUISIR is looking for local fruit and vegetable suppliers from around the world to produce J-PACK. In order to reduce the delivery cost and make juicing bags cheaper, JUISIR’s team is currently looking for qualified local manufacturers from all over the world as well.

JUISIR is on it’s last two days of it’s Kickstarter campaign that already has $353,085 pledged of their initial goal of $35,199.  There is still time to back their campaign and if you pledge $570.00 you will receive a JUISIR plus 60 juicing bags. The JUISIR will retail for $399.00 and you will be able to find JUISIR on Amazon once launched. To pledge towards their Kickstarter campaign click here and for more information about the JUISIR click here.

I am hoping to receive a review unit to test this out and maybe even do some live broadcasting of the JUISIR in action. Stay Tuned!