PolarPro Launches Kickstarter Campaign for WAVe: A Battery-Integrated Case for Wireless Headphones



Yesterday, PolarPro, developer of products inspired by adventure, kicked off its latest Kickstarter campaign for the WAVe, a  battery-integrated carrying case for wireless headphones. Safeguarded in the WAVe’s Napa leather clad protective shell, most wireless headphone models can be recharged up to 10 times off the integrated battery.  This is genius especially for me for two reasons. First, I use my earbuds or headphones at least 3 hours a day if not more and I hate when I get a low battery because the sound quality goes down the tubes. Second, it will make me actually put the headphones back in their case which I am horrible about doing. Normally I would just throw the headphones in my purse exposed to the elements and the black whole of my purse.

The WAVe will accommodate a vast majority of the wireless headphones on the market between the two versions PolarPro is offering through the initial crowdfunding campaign. Those include:

  • WAVe Universal: Purpose-built for fold-flat style headphones such as the Bose® QuietComfort®25, QuietComfort®35, SoundLink®, and similar models
  • WAVe Contoured: Crafted to meet the dimensions of popular over-ear styles such as BeatsTM Solo2, Solo3, Studio Wireless and similar designs

Each model of the WAVe case features an integrated 3000 mAh rechargeable battery to power most wireless headphones up to 10 times before needing to be recharged itself. The WAVe also features an external full size USB port allowing users to charge just about any other desired device.

While the WAVe provides plenty of protection, it was also designed to be extremely lightweight, with the WAVe Streamlined tipping the scales at a mere eight ounces and the WAVe Contoured at just 10 ounces. The WAVe’s integrated battery pack can be fully charged in 2 hours and 45 minutes plus the integrated battery will hold its charge for up to an entire year. Charging times for various headphones will vary, but most should realize 90 percent charge in just 20 minutes and a full 100 percent charge in 30 minutes.

WAVe’s Kickstarter campaign has $682 pledged towards the $55,000 goal with 28 days to go. The Kickstarter campaign packages start at $29.99 which is the super early bird special and goes up to $99.00. The WAVe Kickstarter page can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/444368761/the-wave-battery-powered-headphone-case.

I’m requesting a sample once they have one available for me to review and can’t wait to share with you all my experience using the WAVe case.

About PolarPro

Founded on the simple mission to design products that inspire people to get out and explore the world, PolarPro designs by adventure, for adventure. With headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA, its team of action sport enthusiasts and cinematographers aim to develop products inspired by real experiences that solve real problems. Since launching its flagship action camera filters in 2011, PolarPro has realized explosive growth with a diverse product catalogue for urban and off-grid adventurers alike. For more information on PolarPro, please visit http://www.polarprofilters.com, or follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.