New Kickstarter Campaign: M3D Pro- Affordable 3D Printer with Robust Feature Set


M3D Follows up Landmark Crowdfunding Campaign to Give Contributors Option to Pre-Order Latest Model

FULTON, MD (August 17, 2016) – Today, M3D, the leading consumer 3D printer manufacturer, announced its Kickstarter campaign to deliver the M3D Pro, a new offering designed to be the industry’s most reliable, feature-packed consumer printer yet. The company’s latest crowdfunding venture will appeal to its existing user base, as well as a new generation of enthusiasts and consumers looking to break into the 3D printing space.

The M3D Pro’s development was officially announced at CE Week 2016 in New York City. The printer is engineered to bridge the gap between consumer and commercial use, introducing industrial-grade features at an affordable price point of $500. Following the Micro 3D Printer, the larger, quicker and more advanced M3D Pro will deliver a reliable 3D printing experience derived from a number of innovations, retaining the ease-of-use and accessibility synonymous with the M3D brand.

“We confidently believe that the Kickstarter community is the community that truly understands and appreciates product innovation at its core,” said Michael Armani, co-founder & CEO, M3D. “When there is a true level of novelty at work, such as a printer that includes a feature set associated with high-end models but at a price point consumers can afford, the platform’s audience responds to it. We carefully designed the M3D Pro by incorporating direct customer feedback to show our audiences that we’ve heard them loud and clear. We’re dedicated to delivering a 3D printer that reaches a new benchmark of reliability and efficiency for both casual consumers and professionals alike.

The M3D Pro is the first 3D printer driven by two ARM-core processors and a network of more than two-dozen sensors. The new printer will also be outfitted with a heated bed option, outer dimensions of 10.5” cubed, and a much larger build volume – making it the most space-efficient and affordable consumer printer to hit the market. By rapidly pooling and fusing data, the M3D Pro maximizes the performance of the printer while also improving the overall printing experience through better consistency and reliability. This monitoring includes multiple measurements of speed, filament usage, temperature, and power levels. A standout feature of this sensory data allows the M3D Pro to recover from power outages by saving information as power levels drop off.

Highlights and tech specifications of the M3D Pro include:


  • Heated Print Bed: An innovative tempered heated glass surface automatically adjusts temperature, providing a consistent printing experience and allowing for easy removal of printed objects
  • Large Build Volume: Print objects up to 7.8” tall or 7.2” x 7.2” wide
  • Embedded Recovery: The M3D Pro can recover from print failure, such as from power outages, pauses, and filament shortage or jams
  • Stand Alone Mode: M3D’s software will automatically start printing and transfer print jobs to an internal memory chip, allowing the print to continue without being tethered to a computer
  • Advanced Sensor Network: The world’s first dual-ARM processor system fuses data from more than two dozen sensors to provide industry leading consistency and reliability
  • Construction: Precision ground metal components, glass surface heated bed, durable ABS Frame
  • Accuracy: 25-350 micron layer heights, 0.40 mm nozzle extrusion
  • Print speed: Typically prints filament at 60mm/s, and travels at speeds up to 120 mm/s
  • Two-year warranty: the M3D Pro comes with a standard two-year warranty, ensuring customers are fully supported with the printer

Software and Third Party Support

  • Third Party Filaments: Compatible with all industry standard 1.75 mm filaments, including particle-filled materials and high-temperature materials (up to 270 C)
  • Third Party Applications: Accepts standard G-codes, making it compatible with most 3rd party applications
  • Free M3D Software: Available on Windows and Mac

To contribute to the M3D Pro Kickstarter, please visit: To learn more about the product in its entirety, visit

Back to School Products for the Fashionista Geek: Young or Seasoned

The first day of school is always fun! Catching up with friends you haven’t seen all summer and sporting some new outfits or tech gear is always good times! This weekend is Texas Tax Free Weekend which is August 5-7, 2016. To help you fashionista geeks out here is a short list of some fashionable and cool technology products for Back to School 2016.

NEW! Hyper-Cotton Quick Dry Performance Sheets


For those who are moving into the dorms the Hyper- Cotton Quick Dry Performance Sheet Set from bedgear is a quality sheet set that is made from Quick Dry Hyper-Cotton fabric that provides fast evaporation of moisture for cool comfort every hour of the day and night. Hyper-Cotton gives continuous air circulation and brings you natural cotton plus reactive stretch to contour to your body. The sheets have a full-banded elastic Powerband® and are wrinkle and odor resistant.  If you would like more information or would like to purchase the Hyper-Cotton Quick Dry Performance Sheet Set click here.

Hans Swipe and Clean


Hans is the first dual sided all in one cleaner for your Smartphones, Tablets, and Touch Screens with only 2 steps. On step one users use the “Swipe Cleaning Side” directly on the surface of your device to lift dirt and grime. Step 2 and the last step is to use the “Swipe Polish Side” directly on the surface for a like new shine. Hans is anti-microbial, ecofriendly, small in size to fit in your purse or back pack and creates zero waste.  It’s currently $14.95 and for more information or to purchase a Hans Swipe click here.

Magic Opener Extreme

Magic Opener

The Magic Opener Extreme opens most water bottles from Costco, Walmart, and most convenience stores, all plastic soda bottles, aluminum soda cans, pull tab soup cans, traditional glass bottles and more. Unlike the previous Magic Opener the Extreme has a pet and soup can opener with 4 plastic cap sizes. It is also has magnetic back to hang on your fridge. This is perfect for your dorm rooms since it has multiple uses and compact. It’s currently $24.99 and you can purchase it from here.

Bean bag

For those moving in to your first dorm room or if your inflatable chair died last semester Wayfair has a great selection of bean bag chairs under $50.00. They also have a back to school sale and promotions with up to %70 off. Wayfair also has a page specifically for those moving into a dorm room.

Choozepacks for Young Fashionistas

Backpack 2

Chooze is a unique kid’s line that allows children to express themselves through their fun and trendy prints. Chooze’s stylish mismatched prints were specifically designed with a child’s creativity and spirit in mind. I also love that every garment is manufactured from vegan materials and shipped in recycled cardboard boxes covered in patterns meant for coloring. My niece who is 8 would love that, she LOVES to color! Chooze currently has a sale on Back Packs and lunch bags on their site which is perfect timing for back to school. Choozepacks are sold at big name retailers including Nordstrom.

BALLISTIC Jewel Mirage Case


For those who tend to drop their phone a lot or just straight clumsy the BALLISTIC Jewel Mirage Cases are perfect for you and also fashionable. The BALLISTIC Jewel Mirage Case designs have a unique laser etched metal designs and the case is so durable you can drop your phone from up to 6ft with no damages. They also offer a variety of other Ballistic protective cases depending on your style and can be purchased here.

Good luck all my fashionista geeks to a great school year and I will continue to post on Back to School products I review all through August! Stay tuned!