Omate Launches New O6L Pro Smartwatch Designed for Children

Today, Omate, a wearables and IoT solutions company, launched the Omate O6L Pro Smartwatch, designed for kids ages 5-10. Available to purchase starting today, the security-focused wearable allows parents to keep track of their children through a suite of built-in features like video calling, text and audio messaging, location tracking, SOS alerts, and more.

There are no additional fees or subscriptions to buy thanks to the included three years of free, unlimited LTE service for unlimited data in the USA and Mexico. The O6L Pro connects directly to a secure mobile network with no paired smartphone required. An embedded 4G/LTE virtual SIM and pre-connected unlimited data plan, powered by SIMO, make setup a breeze.

The O6L Pro is the only 4G LTE cellular smartwatch for kids to offer a full turnkey mobility experience, straight-out-the-box. No fees, no subscriptions, and no network setup required.

The O6L Pro provides best-in-class GDPR compliant location-based services and a reliable 4G LTE data connection, so parents can keep in touch with their loved ones from anywhere via the Omate Kid smartphone application on their own Android or iOS devices.

And thanks to hassle-free vSIM technology and three years free network service, kids can wear the device straight out-of-the-box. No network setup required.

The hardware and software of the O6L Pro have been custom-engineered with kids in mind, offering a playful user interface and a rugged build with IP67-certified dust and water resistance. The O6L Pro smartwatch lasts up to two days on a single charge and triangulates location using GPS, cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots for the most accurate positioning.

Product Specs:

  • Free unlimited LTE Data Services for 3 years.
  • Free unlimited texting, audio messages, voice and video calls (via the Omate Kid iOS and Android Apps)
  • In-App watch locator and SOS Alert button to ensure your child’s safety, from anywhere.
  • Up to 2-day battery life on a single charge
  • Front selfie camera for photos and video calls
  • Step counter to encourage healthy habits
  • Available in two colors (black and purple) with limited-edition Nanoblock bands

The Omate O6L Pro limited edition is available starting today exclusively at Pricing starts at US $239 in the United States and Mexico. As a special launch offer, customers can use our limited-time promotional code to enjoy 40% off: OMAHOME40)


Source: OMATE