CITIZEN Reveals CZ Smart Smartwatch Utilizing IBM Watson Studio at CES 2023

At CES 2023, CITIZEN, the globally renowned watchmaking brand, announced the launch of its newest version of CZ Smart, the Smarter Smartwatch utilizing IBM Watson® Studio. Developed using research pioneered by NASA’s Ames Research Center and AI built through CITIZEN partnerships using the environment and tools within IBM Watson® Studio on IBM Cloud.

Thanks to the CZ Smart YouQ application and software, CZ Smart wearable provides a built-in self-care advisor. With these features, the wearer understands and anticipates patterns of fatigue and alertness and offers customized insights and personalized strategies to build better habits.

The CZ Smart YouQ application provides insights that help make the wearer smarter about their own wellness, syncs with their daily life, and provides real-time biofeedback. Using neural networks developed within the IBM Watson® Studio workspace, CZ Smart YouQ can learn and understand the wearer’s chronotype (an individual’s preferred timing of sleep and wake) within seven to ten days by processing their sleep data and Alert Scores and deepens that understanding over time.

Alert Scores are generated when a wearer takes a custom-designed Alert Monitor test, a consumer-facing iteration of NASA’s Psychomotor Vigilance Task Test (PVT+), originally developed to determine the mental acuity of astronauts. The CZ Smart YouQ Alert Monitor was designed based on NASA’s PVT+ test and utilizing research from leading science and academic experts at NASA’s Ames Research Center Fatigue Countermeasures Laboratory. The Alert Monitor tests are brief, gamified, and can be taken daily to measure the wearer’s alertness.

Through personal data points captured with the watch, including Alert Scores, chronotype, sleep patterns, activity, and heartrate monitoring, CZ Smart YouQ quantitatively analyzes and learns about the wearer’s unique characterization, rhythms, and habits to enhance personalization. By utilizing a dynamic recognition model to match wearers to their chronotype, the CZ Smart YouQ application recommends highly personalized Power Fixes, suggested actions and activities to help the wearer mitigate the effects of fatigue, improve alertness, and promote the building of better habits, readying the wearer to meet whatever the day may bring.

Over time, aggregating wearer data will enable CZ Smart YouQ to cater to wearers more personally; not just in understanding them and their relationship to chronotypes, but also in understanding the effectiveness of certain Power Fixes for each person.

CZ Smart YouQ software was developed using fatigue science research pioneered by NASA Ames Research Center. The neural networks powering the CZ Smart YouQ software were built through CITIZEN partnerships using IBM Watson® Studio.

The YouQ Software is available exclusively on the second generation of CZ Smartwatches. Styles include a sports model, available with silicone and metal bracelet straps and a casual model in mesh bracelet, links, and silicone straps.

All CITIZEN CZ Smart watches offer downloadable, customizable dials and a range of interchangeable bracelets, mesh and silicone straps for practicality and style preferences. CITIZEN also highlighted a new second-generation Hybrid smartwatch at CES 2023, which will launch to consumers in the second half of 2023, with the YouQ wellness software implemented in due course (date to be confirmed).

Citizen launched the first generation of CZ Smartwatches in November 2020 with the brand’s first-ever touchscreen smartwatch, followed by a hybrid model in Fall 2021. The latest generation of CZ Smart watches with the proprietary CZ Smart YouQ application will be available in the U.S. at starting in March 2023.


Source: Citizen