Superbe – The New Timeless Smart Watch by NOWA Paris Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Superbe is the thinnest hybrid watch in the world from NOWA, a designer watch brand in Paris, that is ideal for travel.  NOWA recently launched their Kickstarter campaign for the Superbe with a goal of $16,844 goal. They have 23 days to go on the campaign and watches will be shipped worldwide in August.

What makes the Superbe watch tick?

NOWA’s Superbe timepiece automatically adjusts to time zones, monitors fitness & sleep, yet has the styling of a luxury timepiece. You can literally see it changing while you’re in flight.

Superbe Product Specifications Include:

  • Automatic Time Zone Adjustment:  Witness the automatically moving hands of the only analog watch that adjusts to changing time zones as you travel the world
  • Smart Controls:  Reject calls, enable find my phone and access camera controls for the perfect selfie
  • No Charging: The battery lasts up to 8 months and never needs a charge
  • Activity Tracker: Daily record of your steps, distance & calories burned– Connects to Google Fit & Apple Health
  • Sleep Monitoring: Keeps track of sleep duration and sleep quality
  • NOWA App: Pair the timekeeper automatically with your smart phone so you can control you’re your watch and it’s settings.
  • 24-month warranty

The Superbe watch has an elegant French design paired with Italian straps, Swiss movements and Sapphire coating on the glass to combine modern technology with timeless elegance in the thinnest hybrid “smart watch” in the world. Each Superbe watch is customized with designer Eric Gizard’s signature, as well as a unique serial number engraved on the back of each unit.

The NOWA Superbe is their second collection and it will be ready for worldwide delivery in August 2019. They have just produced 100 pieces for a pilot run, that is currently under intensive evaluation and testing by our reviewers, influencers, journalists and fans. Hopefully when those are complete I will receive one to review for you all!

The Superbe watch will retail for $214.00 however you can preorder it on Kickstarter for only $99.00. To order the Superbe watch please visit:

To learn more or shop NOWA’s watches please visit:


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