Kabuto Launches New Smart Luggage on Kickstarter

Announced today, Kabuto, the smart luxury luggage brand, has launched a new smart full-size suitcase and expandable backpack on Kickstarter. The Kabuto Trunk is biometrically-sealed, while the all-new Kabuto Backpack magnetically attaches to the suitcase, and magically expands its volume from 9 to 18 liters. Available today on Kickstarter, both the Trunk and Backpack have a special limited-time pre-order pricing, starting at $299.

The hard-shell trunk is unlike any other smart luggage currently on the market. A TSA-approved removable battery allows you to recharge all your devices, eliminating the need to go outlet hunting while on the go, and the classic Kabuto TSA-approved biometric sensor keeps your valuables safe with the touch of your finger and unlocks in just 1/100th of a second. The trunk is built to withstand the bruises of globetrotting and has been tested against the industry’s highest standards — while weighing just 10lb.

Despite its seemingly compact size, the trunk can fit more than your standard suitcase because of its efficient use of space. Adjustable compartments create space for everything and help keep you organized, while the packing cube and suit sleeve provide extra protection. The Kabuto Trunk features metal bearing wheels and real tires for a 360-degree tread that’s nearly silent and all-but-weightless.

Kabuto makes traveling a painless and quick process at every stage. Check your full-size Kabuto Trunk and retain your valuables by magnetically unclipping your Kabuto backpack for hassle-free navigation and an extra fast security line. The Kabuto backpack snaps to the trunk via a Fidlock™ mechanism for a connection that’s as secure as it is gratifying. The expandable technology allows you to switch from an elegant briefcase to an effortless backpack with a simple turn and a secret strap.

The new trunk and backpack are available for pre-order today, with special limited-time pricing starting at $299 ($429 MSRP) for the backpack and $629 ($899 MSRP) for the trunk. To pre-order or to back the Kickstarter campaign please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kabuto/kabuto-fingerprint-locked-trunk-expandable-backpack.


A leading pioneer in the smart luggage industry, Kabuto was founded by Jérôme Tricault and Louis Develay with the mission of making travel a stress-free journey. Combining beautiful design with cutting edge technology, Kabuto has a wide range of smart, premium, and lifestyle luggage for urban and long-haul travelers. To learn more, visit mykabuto.com.


Source: Kabuto