The “Godfather of Denim” Adriano Goldschmied’s New Earth Conscious T-Shirt Collaboration with Designer Beau Lawrence

There has been a movement in the fashion world for sustainable products due to the amount of waste that goes into landfills annually. Per the Environmental Protection Agency, although efforts are being made to recycle discarded clothing, this only accounts for 15% of the apparel that makes its way into landfills today. With this in mind, the “Godfather of Denim” Adriano Goldschmied and designer Beau Lawrence brainstormed on re-inventing an American classic, The T-Shirt in the most Earth-conscious and responsible way.

“Designed with the Earth In Mind,” the Type One Tee is made from Hemp and TencelTM Fiber (TencelTM comes from wood), and is dyed with a revolutionary dye process called RecycromTM which uses color that is created from chopping up and grinding down used clothing.

The Type One Tee design process only focuses on sustainable and circular materials. Ace Gold Green is a brand that isn’t focused on fashion-driven styles but instead, high quality and durable basic apparel that makes up our daily wardrobe guide their product offering. 

“Our goal is to show young designers that there is a different way of working, and that it is possible to launch a brand with no money.”

The Type One Tee comes in the below colors:

Within the first few days of launching their “Type One Tee” Kickstarter Campaign back in June, Adriano Goldschmied and Beau Lawrence were over 50% funded. Currently they are at $8,276 pledged with a goal of $10,000 goal and 19 days left to go.

The Type One Tee’s Early Bird Special is $42 and the campaign is located here:


Recognized as “The Godfather of Denim” Goldschmied is known well throughout the apparel industry for innovation and creativity of the many brands and businesses he has helped to launch throughout his career.  In the early 1980s his business incubator, Genius Group, founded Diesel, Replay, A Gold E and many others.  Settling in the States in 2000, Goldschmied lead the industry creating many of the most recognizable brands we know today, including AG Adriano Goldschmied and Goldsign. In addition to his current design and branding work at Genious Group LLC, he and his partner, Vincenzo Marrocco, also oversees denim and knit supply business through “House of Gold”.


Beau Lawrence, Founder and President of Ace Rivington, has over 20 years of experience working in design and development of men’s jeanswear. The former Director of Men’s Denim at Guess Jeans, and VP of Design and Merchandising at Neff Headwear, Lawrence ventured out on his own to launch Ace Rivington in November of 2013. Ace Rivington is a men’s and women’s premium denim brand based in Santa Barbara, California.  Launched on Kickstarter in 2013 with an iconic sweatshirt, the company has expanded to include a full collection of denim lifestyle products and operates its own retail store and wholesale business.


Source: Ace Gold Green, Kickstarter, Environmental Protection Agency, Adriano Goldschmied, Beau Lawrence