Ripple: World’s First Wearable Support Network

Even in a world of social media and smartphones sometimes your personal safety is still at risk. In fact I think social media makes it easier to put yourself in danger especially if you are “checking in.” I own mace and a lipstick taser but that only goes so far especially if your alone at night in a parking garage. Today I learned about a new technology that you can wear instead of scrambling through your purse to find mace or the taser.

Ripple Network Technologies, Inc. announced today the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for a first-of-its-kind personal safety device and service, Ripple. Users have on-the-go, nationwide access to Tunstall’s professional monitoring team 24/7. Ripple users can discreetly signal their monitoring team for help with the click of a penny-sized Bluetooth wearable, designed by the creators of 360fly and Misfit Shine. Casey Pittock, President and CEO of Tunstall  Americas, stated, “We are excited to partner with Ripple to offer its customers a true solution to personal safety. Whether walking alone at night, meeting somebody new for the first time, facing immediate danger, or even traveling the country, Ripple’s device and service, utilizing Tunstall’s state-of-the-art response center, keep you one-click from the help you need.”

Click the wearable or app, and the user will immediately receive a call from the professional Tunstall monitoring team to his or her smartphone. They know who and where the user is, and have resources to immediately dispatch emergency services if the user needs it.

If a user requires emergency help but can’t talk on the phone, he or she can click three times and the monitoring team will send first responders directly to their location.

Founder and COO Rees ‘Bo’ Gillespie was inspired to develop the breakthrough device and service for his three younger sisters and mother, a real-estate agent would often ask him  to  check  on  her  when  she attended showings with unknown clients.

“Even in today’s connected world, there are moments when we feel alone and unsafe. Help can seem a little too far away, or we may be too embarrassed to ask for it,” said Gillespie.  “I developed Ripple for the comfort and peace-of-mind it provides; knowing someone  always  has  your back,  anytime, anywhere, is an incredibly empowering feeling.”

Ripple’s Kickstarter campaign launched today is currently at $1,054 pledged with a $50,000 goal with 29 days to go.

For a limited time, exclusively  on Kickstarter,  Ripple  is  offering  its  Bluetooth  wearable  along  with  an  entire  year  of  service  for  $129.  In  addition, Ripple has partnered with world renowned, fourth  generation  jewelry  designer Louis Tamis & Sons to make available  a one-of-a-kind silver Bluetooth locket monogrammed for  $199, with one year  of service. Ripple is scheduled to ship April 2017.

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