Levitating Sculptures by Levitating X: The Newest “Tech Art” For Your Home

The newest gravity-defying works of art by Levitating X showcases the largest and heaviest objects ever levitated using a single standalone device. Using state of the art 3D printing technology and electromagnetic suspension, the new collection features three distinctly upscale pieces. The Sitting Buddha, the Firebowl and the Polystone are all meant to create a different environment and statements in your home.

Each sculpture was created with a certain element in mind to foster emotions and actions such as harmony, community, strength and perseverance. The sculptures combine not only art and science but a sense of purpose and imagination to all consumers. 

Below are the Levitating Sculpture’s descriptions.

Sitting Buddha

Inspired by reflection and contemplation, the Sitting Buddha mesmerizes your senses as its facets glisten in the light and motivates you to live in the moment as all other thoughts melt away.


Humans have long been drawn to fire to tell stories, share food, and connect with their communities. The Firebowl represents a sense of community and drawing of people together.


The Polystone is our beacon of perseverance and strength, and encourages the desire to keep going, to try again. Its smooth surfaces and refined geometry appeal to those with a more minimalist aesthetic.

Design Highlights Includes:

  • Minimalist aesthetic appeals to modern tastes
  • Recreates a museum experience in the home
  • Sparks conversations and fuels the imagination
  • Available with wired or wireless, chargeable bases
  • Comes in 3 colors: Matte Black, Matte Black & Gold, or Matte Black & Silver

With less than only 6 days left of their Kickstarter campaign to reach $25,000 they have $7,537 left to go to reach their goal. Order now on Kickstarter and get a discount of up to 30% OFF these plus-size floating works of art. But these deep discounts are first come first served!

To back or view the whole campaign, please check out the Levitating Sculpture in Kickstart.

To learn more about Levitating X Sculptures please visit: https://levitatingx.com/sculpture/.


Source: Levitating X, Kickstarter