The Apollo Watch: A Regulator Watch Inspired by Space

Apollo recently created 4 Limited Editions regulator watch models, all inspired by space, Solar system planets and their Satellites. The four Limited Edition regulator watches are Eclipse, Full Moon, Uranus and Neptune. Eclipse and Full Moon are now available.

For those don’t know what a regulator watch is it is defined as a watch with hours, minutes and seconds on separate dials. Below is a great picture of how the Apollo regulator watch is built.

Apollo watch features a seamless pebble-like shape and domed crystals, which rises proudly above the case. Apollo assembled Hesalite crystal on both front and back of the watch making it even more unique. The background on the watch is a map of the northern sky and the degree sub-dial. Below are more features of the Apollo watch.Last week the Apollo introduced a limited edition watch titled, ‘The Earth.’ The special edition watch, which is hand-painted by artist Chris Alexander, sold out in a matter of hours as only 17 units were made available to the public. I’m not certain if they will make more of this model or if that model will remain sold out.

Apollo launched their Kickstarter campaign about 15 days ago with $89,220 already pledged towards their $25,000 goal. The Kickstarter campaign is an All or nothing project and will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Wed, November 1 2017 11:44 AM CDT. Their least expensive package including an Apollo watch starts at $199.00 and includes: One Neptune or Uranus and one Leather Nato strap. If their goal is met the Apollo Early Bird will ship out in December 2017. If they exceed their goal below is their stretch goals chart with more information about each goal.

To find out more about Apollo watches, visit the Kickstarter campaign here,


Source: Apollo, Kickstarter