Canvia: The “Smart Art” Frame Powered By Artsense Technology

Canvia is a “smart art” frame that uses proprietary ArtSense Technology to provide realism by adjusting its display to changing light conditions and making digital images of art look like an actual physical print or textured painting. Each frame is connected to a huge library of art and photography, which can be accessed directly from the Canvia app. You can access thousands of works for free or choose a paid subscription for award-winning contemporary works from internationally renowned artists and photographers.

With Canvia’s library, you have access to:

  • Exclusive contemporary art and photography worth over $500M
  • 525+ contemporary artists and photographers working across all genres, styles, subjects, eras and media
  • 10K+ artworks including leading contemporary artists, award-winning photographers and classics from the best galleries in the world ( the Louvre, Met, Rijksmuseum, National Gallery and many more)

With art and photos for every context you’ll find the library organized into carefully curated playlists, designed to both help you find the perfect fit and open your eyes to new ideas. Easily transition your decor without breaking the bank on expensive artwork. Enhance your spaces in a hassle-free way that doesn’t require patching any walls from past frames or finding studs to put up new pieces.

With Canvia, users can choose and schedule content via the Canvia app or web account; explore individual works with interactive zoom & repositioning, caption overlays and orientation control; and upload your own content. You can also feature your very own content by uploading it via the app. 

The Canvia frame retails starting at $399.00 and you can shop for them here:  There is a limited-time discount of $150 off until SEPTEMBER 30th that includes free US shipping. It also includes 1 year of access to Canvia’s Premium library of contemporary art that’s worth $120.

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Source: Canvia