EZbra: The NEW All-In-One Advanced Post-Op Bra

October 1st through the 31st is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Did you know that 13 million breast procedures are performed for medical and cosmetic purposes? For those that go through the post-op recovery period, it’s accompanied by pain and discomfort not to mention the stress from re-dressing the wound. I know firsthand after my breast cancer scare and surgery the post-op recovery period can be tough and long. Fortunately, there is a new solution for the post-op recovery period to make the healing process easier, the EZbra.

EZbra is a sterile post-op bra that provides the highest quality of care for women after breast operations. The all-in-one advanced post-op bra meets physicians’ needs/requirements while being sterile, disposable, and feminine for maximum comfort and care throughout the recovery process.

The disposable bra absorbs 10x its weight and provides patients with the ability to customize compression for their personal needs. EZbra’s design is meant to allow for easy application, no assistance needed which is super helpful. The EZbra bra can be worn for 24 hours, eliminating the need to constantly change gauze/dressings post-surgery.

See the EZbra tutorial below.

Below are the full benefits and features of the EZbra:

  • Defining A New Standard of Care: Sterile, absorbing and elastic advanced breast dressing
  • Controlled Compression: Adjust various compression levels to fit each patient-specific needs
  • Tailor-Made to Physician’s Demands: Allowing individual design of the breast and definition of breast folds
  • Recover With Dignity: Patient-Independent dressing changes, for discrete use and an elegant and feminine look.
  • Easy Application: Easy and fast dressing post-op, designed to reduce Operation Room time and recurring clinic visits
  • Drain Management: Stabilizing drain tubes and holding drain bulbs
  • Avoiding M.A.R.S.I: (medical adhesive risk of skin injury) Adhesive free. Not made with rubber Latex
  • Absorption: Low adherent, sterile and absorbing multilayer occlusive dressing

EZbra is available in three different sizes designed to fit a wide range of body and breast shapes. The EZbra retails for $150.00 for a 5 pack and can be purchased here: https://ezbra.net/shop/ezbra/. To learn more about EZbra please visit: https://ezbra.net/.

About EZbra:

EZbra Advanced Wound Care Ltd was founded in 2014 and is focused on creating advanced wound-care products, for the unmet needs of breast and chest procedure’s recovery. EZbra is a women-led startup and a part of the emerging Fem-Tech industry, focusing on women’s health and wellness. Their mission is to improve the lives of patients and allow them to recover with dignity.


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