Avery Dennison and Ambercycle Collaborate on QR Code Garment Care Labels

Within the past year, the QR Code has made a huge comeback and Avery Dennison in collaboration with Ambercycle, a Los Angeles-based post-consumer garment recycler, has created another way to use it! It was recently announced that Ambercycle’s garments will include Avery Dennison’s complete digital care label solution with intelligent care labels. The labels feature a QR code that links to an app powered by Avery Dennison’s powerful data platform.

With the QR Code on the label, it offers a completely new digital experience that details how that specific garment was produced and how it should be looked after. Scanning the QR Code also allows you to:

  • connect with your garment, and the material that’s in it
  • see pictures of how the garment was made at each step of the process
  • interact with the cycora™ community in brand new ways

Legally, all garments sold must have a physical care and content label to communicate product information, such as washing instructions and material composition. This information is not just helpful for consumers, it is also vital for recyclers and resellers as it allows them to easily identify what the garment is made of after the original owner has disposed of it.

Ambercycle, Avery Dennison’s first partner for its digital care label, converts end-of-life textile ‘waste’ into new yarns for apparel brands and manufacturers. Its garments are created from polyester textiles that were destined for landfill, but are instead broken down to a molecular level, turned into pellets, and then spun into Cycora™ yarns which can be processed by garment manufacturers in the same way as virgin yarns.

To learn more about Cycora please visit: https://cycora.com/about/. To buy Cycora products please visit: https://cycora.com/cycora-products/.

About Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison’s commitment to people and the planet fuels their social compliance internally and is the foundation of their broad offering of responsible, ingenious solutions. From labels made from recycled yarn to supporting emerging designers who use a diverse portfolio of sustainable branding elements, they help apparel and footwear brands meet consumer demand for ethical, green products.

With high sustainability standards that exceed the industry norm, they are also committed to leveraging their reputation among retailers, manufacturers, and brands to accelerate performance intelligently while delivering positive economic, social, and environmental impact. To learn more please visit: https://rbis.averydennison.com/en/home.html.

About Ambercycle

Ambercycle is pioneering a regeneration processes for landfill-destined textile ‘waste’ that enables true circularity for garments, creating virgin like materials that overcome the limitations of the mechanical recycling processes. They have the ability to separate fibers within textiles on a molecular level and reprocess them the way virgin materials are processed. To learn more please visit: https://ambercycle.com/about/.


Source: Ambercycle, Avery Dennison