MoAnA LUU Debuts House of Manluu Collection

Introducing MANLUU, an American fashion house showcasing luxurious interpretations of creole culture launched by MoAnA LUU, a Martinican entrepreneur, global creative leader, brand architect, media expert and philanthropist. The new collection from the House of Manluu places emphasis on the evolution of Creole jewelry and honors the rich, diverse cultural tapestry of the French West Indies. 

“My Creole roots are my “difference,” my pride and my power, and what shapes my understanding of the world. Being Caribbean, French, Indian and African is part of what makes me unique and open-minded to other cultures. I wanted to start ManLuu with a symbol of this pride, to create a collection of precious objects that would be timeless heirlooms passed from one generation to the next. Jewelry was the natural answer” says MoAnA LUU / CEO and Creative Director.

MoAnA’s passion for Creole jewelry has been shaped by generations of heritage and expertise; some of her earliest memories took place at her grandparents’ jewelry store in Fort-de-France, Martinique. After years spent developing her signature designs across disciplines, this remarkable creator is bringing her groundbreaking vision of contemporary Creole luxury to the world. 

MANLUU by MoAnA Luu evokes effortless modern elegance crafted with cultural authenticity. The signature themes of refined gold woven rattan, oversized beads and embossed octagonal barrels come together in 3 distinctive lines: “The Cane”, “The Beads” and “The ML Collection”. Each precious statement piece is handcrafted by local artisans in the New York City-based ManLuu Atelier in 18k gold vermeil and sterling silver.

The Cane COLLECTION- Architectural modernism with natural rattan lines

The Cane line offers intricately crafted pieces that take notes from MoAnA’s work in interior design and Creole modernist architecture. Bracelets, earrings, hoops and rings feature a signature octagonal webbing inspired from tropical furniture and are woven with brilliant threads echoing the natural lines of rattan.

The Beads COLLECTION- Effortless elegance and Creole nostalgia

Inspired by memories of MoAnA’s grandmother proudly donning her magnificent “collier grain d’Or,” these bold heirloom pieces are rare symbols of pride and resilience. Each luxurious necklace and bracelet are finished with an embossed ML octagonal barrel, which serves as the necklace clasp and is made to be worn front-facing.

The ML COLLECTION- A twist on timeless pieces

The ManLuu ML collection offers a minimalist twist on both golden beads and octagonal forms. Each creation features bold monograms and sleek, polished curves

As a Black business owner and leader, MoAnA invites the world on a journey to discover cherished objets d’art, handed down through generations and re-imagined with humility, pride, and joie de vivre. The ManLuu fine jewelry collection is produced by local artisans in the New York City-based ManLuu Atelier.

Created exclusively of recycled 18k gold and lab-grown diamond, 18k gold vermeil, and sterling silver, each piece is handcrafted and finished with meticulous attention to detail. By leveraging local talents and expertise, the House of ManLuu is able to minimize its carbon footprint and assure ethical sourcing as well as the highest standards of quality.

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Source: ManLuu