The ARTIST: Spektrum’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses Product Review

The ARTIST blue blocking glasses are the only stylish & 3rd party tested low blue light glasses engineered to supports artists in true hue color and crisp clarity. The blue blocking glasses concept came from two guys that spent a bunch of time in front of their computers. Both knew that prolonged exposure to the screens, in the long run, was not good and that is when Spektrum was created.

Spektrum’s ARTIST glasses block the recommended 50% of damaging blue light your eyes are exposed to every time you turn on your computer, iPad, laptop, tablet, cell phone or pc gaming equipment at night.Every pair of the ARTIST glasses are optimized with:

  • 100% UVA & 100% UVB light blocking coating
  • Anti-Scratch Coating
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: to eliminate the eye strain caused by most yellow tinted and cheaply made blue low blue light glasses.
  • Anti-Screen Flicker & Anti-Glare Coating:  to block out glare, alleviate eye strain & prevent the leading cause of electronics related and PC Gamer headaches.
  • Anti-Fog Coating: A micro-thin coating that prevents your glasses from fogging up, regardless of the temperature change.
  • Fingerprint Resistant Anti-Oil Coating

Extra added protection of Electromagnetic Ray Blocking Glasses Coating to protect your eyes from eye cancer and cataracts.Spektrum sent me a pair of the ARTIST with the 99% darker yellow lens to test out. It has been interesting adjusting to them while working on my PC all day due to the lenses. The frame has a tortoise shell pattern and are very light in weight, I forgot I was wearing them sometimes. Since I’ve only had the ARTIST glasses for a couple weeks I can’t give you guys the long term effect of their glasses but they look cute on!

The PROSPEK glasses product line represents Spektrum‘s blue light blocking glasses. The ARTIST’s glasses are available in 50% blue light blocking and 99% blue light blocking. The 50% come in a clear lens while the 99% have a darker yellow lens. They retail for $39.95 USD and can be purchased here:

Besides the lenses the ARTIST glasses also come with the case and cleaning cloth. For more information about Spektrum glasses please visit:


Source: Spektrum