Product Review: SKG F5 Body Massager

The SKG F5, by Wear Future Technologies, is a body massager that delivers a 7mm body muscle massage while also providing a heating element to give you the ultimate relaxing experience. Its palm-sized length, ergonomic design, zoned buttons make it easier to operate the gun with one hand.

It comes with three different massaging heads, soothing massage head (soft), deep relaxing massage head (hard) and hand-simulating massage head.

Featuring an upper button to activate massage and a lower button to activate the heating function, the SKG F5 can provide up to 3200 pulses per minute. The heating gear adjustment is a unique SKG functional design, you can apply a hot compress first and then massage.

The massage gun features a pistol shape, smooth and lightweight appearance design, and a visual reminder of the gear of the light belt. Below is the different light belt colors and modes are shown on the massage gun while in use.

SKG F5 Power state

  • Green: Two tails are always on indicates completion of charging
  • Red: Two lights on the tail flash indicates Battery level ≤10%
  • Orange: Two lights on the tail flash indicates charging after power-off

Massage Gun Operating status

  • Blue and cyan-blue: Intensity 1 mode
  • Blue and purple: Intensity 2 mode
  • Orange/red:  Intensity 3 mode 

Hot compress state status

  • Blue: Always on shows low temperature
  • Orange: Always on shows medium temperature
  • Red: Always on shows high temperature
  • Red flashing for three times: will shut down the massage gun at high temperature

With a long battery life and circulating rechargeable batteries, the SKG F5 can last 8 to 10 minutes each day to massage with a one-time charge for 23 days. The massage gun comes with a matching type C charging port and portable storage bag. In battery low indication, charge it by connecting one end of the Type-C USB cable into it and the other end with the charger. The power indicator is orange during charging or green after full charging.

SKG F5 Product Review:

SKG sent Hi-Tech Chic the SKG F5 massage gun for a product review. When you unbox the SKG F5 you will find the massage gun, Type-C charger cable, gentle and storage bag, user manual, soothing massage head (soft), deep relaxing massage head (hard) and hand-simulating massage head.

Before using the gun for a massage, I first choose a massage head and inserted it into the round hole at the front end of the gun. Next, I simply did a long press on the power button to power on (same as when you power off the massage gun). Please note it is suggested to use the massage gun 5 seconds after you power it on and to not use it while charging. After I powered it on to activate the message gun, I did short presses on the power button to switch to intensities between 1,2,or 3.

When testing the hot compress state, I did a long press and held the heating key, located under the power key to activate (the same goes to deactivate). After powering on, I did a short press the heating button to switch the temperature, and it can switch three states: low temperature, medium-temperature and high temperature.

In this day and age where we are still working from home, the SKG F5 is the perfect remedy for the long hours you spend crouching over your PC. For those that work out, the heating element is great to relax muscle cramps or prep you before you use the massager for those tough spots. It’s simple to use and easy to store with the storage bag provided. I personally have not had to charge it yet, which is proof it does last 23 days without a charge.

At just $69.00, regularly priced $129.00 the SKG F5 is a fabulous home massage remedy, especially after those long workdays! To purchase please visit

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