Heart Chain Kitty 3D Platformer Launches on Nintendo Switch

Heart Chain Kitty, created by solo developer Bernhard Politsch of origamihero games, is a 3D platformer in the mold of Super Mario Sunshine and Banjo-Kazooie. On Friday, August 20th, the 3D platformer will be available on the Nintendo Switch here.

The game features 40 surreal levels filled with secrets and unique power-ups – such as the aptly named Power Glove, Hat Glide, and Screw Ray (which can loosen and tighten screws and bolts found around the world) – along with a deeply felt, endearing narrative.

The game is meant to add a little more to the collect-a-thon formula, like an inventory system with usable items and a simple quest overview. Heart Chain Kitty also uses a voxel engine with smoothed cubes for environments. The game’s playtime varies from 12-25 hours or more, depending on which of the three endings the player aims for.

Heart Chain Kitty Synopsis:

In Heart Chain Kitty, a heart-shaped stranger arrives on Kitty Island – bringing very personal news: Kittey’s parents are missing. As Kittey searches for them, he must face what remains of a crumbling, dying world. From Kitty Island to the City of Cyclopia – through a huge comet-struck desert and the deepest pits of Darkside – Kittey’s big journey may lead to some uncomfortable truths.

As the walls of reality close in – and the line between dream and waking life is blurred – remember that everything will be just fine if you keep collecting those strange Power Hearts.


  • Explore more than 40 levels.
  • Visit large, surreal, and colorful worlds.
  • Get around using a variety of Kittey’s abilities – like a bottle rocket, zooming, launch rings, swimming, pole-climbing, and more!
  • Jump between dimensions and complete additional 2D levels.
  • Complete quests and collect items.
  • Try to unlock all the multiple endings, secret levels, and hidden bosses!

Heart Chain Kitty will be available on the Nintendo Switch Friday, August 20 for $9.90 at the Nintendo Game Store: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/heart-chain-kitty-switch.


Source: Heart Chain Kitty, Nintendo Switch