Initial Product Review: QuickPore™ NanoPen Anti-Aging Rejuvenation & Repair Kit

Deminuage™ recently sent us their QuickPore™ NanoPen Anti-Aging Rejuvenation & Repair Kit to review and though I am only two weeks into using the kit I wanted to share with you all my initial review. The QuickPore™ NanoPen is a fast, non-invasive at-home microneedling tool that safely and effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles, smooths skin’s texture, and fades dark circles, pimples, melasma, and blackheads.

Within the kit you will find the NanoPen Prime which has a single-speed and is battery-operated for ease of use and portability. The Prime Pen creates microscopic absorption channels in the skin’s outer layer, making your favorite serum up to 20x more effective within 20 minutes. There is also the NanoPen Lux (sold separately from the kit) is three-speed and rechargeable for more precise and faster treatments.

This kit also features Booster NanoChips, which are made for use 1-2x weekly and are good for achieving even deeper repairs. Pair with their Blanq Brightening Serum to smooth, moisturize, and restore. Please note the NanoPen needs NanoChips to operate and can be used with any facial serum, making it beneficial for all skin types.


When you unbox the kit you will find the NanoPen, NanoChips, Serum, and instructions (which are very helpful). Setting up the pen was simple by just putting the battery, then screwing in one of the Nanochips and pressing the power button. Please note you must fully wash your face before you start using the pen. Here’s the demo video of how to start using the NanoPen.

As you can see it was easy to use and like I said in the video make sure when using the pen you do not go over the same spot more than 3 times. I say less if you have sensitive skin like I do.

Next, it was time to put together the serum bottle and apply it to my skin. It’s key to attach the top to the serum bottle tightly as you don’t want any leaks. Here’s the demo video for applying the serum.

Besides the Daily NanoChips, I’ve also used the Booster NanoChips two times thus far and have noticed that my skin is starting to look more blended and even. After using the NanoPen, the kit comes with a soft case for storage and so you can take it on the go when traveling.

The kit is designed to use for a month and since I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks my results will vary by the time I’m finished. I will be doing a follow-up review after I’ve done the kit for the entire month including before and after pictures.

The QuickPore™ NanoPen Anti-Aging Rejuvenation & Repair Kit retails for only $169.99 and can be found here:

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Source: Deminuage