SXSW 2020 Films Now Available This December

In time for the holidays, SXSW has unveiled their latest films that are now available in December to stream, own or rent. The films include “The Mystery Of the Pink Flamingo,” “Baby God,” “My Darling Vivian,” and “Finding Yingying.”

The Mystery Of the Pink Flamingo: World Premiere, Documentary Feature, 2020

Rigo Pex is a serious but eccentric sound engineer whose comfortable life is suddenly disturbed by a strange phenomenon: The Pink Flamingo. These pink birds seem to follow him everywhere like signs that lead Rigo to an investigation to reveal their mysterious meaning.

He’ll study their impact in our society and eventually travel to the US to meet a series of disparate characters who reinforce their personality with the bird’s figure: Internet sensation Pink Lady, music guru Allee Willis, pop band Kero Kero Bonito or cult filmmaker John Waters, among many others. Rigo will be our guide through this journey on how icons can help us finding our own identity and eventually change our lives.

VOD December 2.

Baby God: World Premiere Documentary Feature, 2020

Hailed a miracle worker, Las Vegas fertility doctor Dr. Quincy Fortier practiced for decades. Now, with the advent of commercial DNA testing, his secret is out… Dr. Fortier covertly inseminated his fertility patients with his own sperm, without their knowledge or consent. Over the course of his career, he saw thousands of couples who wanted a baby. Baby God follows those who have recently discovered that Dr. Fortier is their biological father as they grapple with the news, seek the truth about the doctor’s motives, and reshape their own identities.

On HBO December 2.

My Darling Vivian: Documentary Feature, 2020

In 1951, schoolgirl Vivian Liberto meets Air Force cadet Johnny Cash in San Antonio. A three-year-long correspondence ensues while Johnny is stationed in Germany. Thousands of letters later, they marry upon his return in 1954, and within a year, both a career and family blossom. By 1961, Johnny Cash is a household name and perpetually on tour, while Vivian settles into their home in California with their four young daughters. Plagued by all-hours visits from fans and a growing resentment toward Johnny’s absence, Vivian hits a breaking point when she’s targeted by hate groups over her perceived race. Hear the entire story of love, isolation, fear, heartbreak, and survival.

We actually had a chance to preview My Darling Vivian last spring and found it to be a compelling document about someone, even as a Johnny Cash fan, did not know much about, including her struggles.

Available to rent or own, December 8.

Finding Yingying: World Premiere Documentary Feature, 2020

Yingying Zhang, a 26-year-old Chinese student, comes to the U.S. to study. In her detailed and beautiful diaries, the aspiring young scientist and teacher is full of optimism, hoping to also be married and a mother someday. Within weeks of her arrival, Yingying disappears from the campus. Through exclusive access to Yingying’s family and boyfriend, Finding Yingying closely follows their journey as they search to unravel the mystery of her disappearance and seek justice for their daughter while navigating a strange, foreign country. But most of all, Finding Yingying is the story of who Yingying was: a talented young woman loved by her family and friends.

In Virtual Theatres December 11.

Catch more alumni films already in theaters or streaming from SXSW’s October and November releases to add to your watchlist.

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Source: SXSW