SOLOSOCKS 2.0™: The Solution To Missing Socks

The pain of the sock black hole may be solved with a new product called SOLOSOCKS 2.0™. Instead of trying to match your pairs of socks or throwing them away SOLOSOCKS 2.0™ may be the answer to the age old question ”What happened to the other sock?” SOLOSOCKS 2.0™ sock packs come in 5 or 7 single socks that are unique in design that you can mix and match. The socks are designed by talented designers and it is said that they are made of the worlds’ best organic combed cotton. The innovative idea behind SOLOSOCKS 2.0™ is to avoid waste of socks and stop pairing socks. Typically when consumers’ loose socks or socks gets damaged they are discarded. Using SOLOSOCKS 2.0™ instead of the day to day sock can avoid waste of billions of socks.

I personally did not know that billions of socks are wasted but it makes sense considering I have a black hole of socks at my home as well. Who doesn’t?! The packaging for SOLOSOCKS 2.0™ is made of recyclable material and can be reused as a storage box in your drawer. This makes it easier to just pick and use your SOLOS plus keeps them together.

SOLOSOCKS 2.0 recently launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $11,755 with $26,559 pledged already. They have 28 more days to raise more than their goal to meet their stretch goals that are listed below (Note: Prices are in Euros).

The least expensive package that include SOLOSOCKS 2.0 of their Kickstarter Campaign is the Early Bird 1 Package that includes 7×1 SOLOSOCKS 2.0. This package costs €28 or about $33.00 USD. The estimated delivery is January of 2018 and ships to anywhere in the world. (Note: This package only has 11 left). Below is the timeline currently of their Kickstarter campaign.I hope to get some samples to try out of the SOLOSOCKS 2.0™ for a product review so stay tuned and keep checking back on Hi-Tech Chic. If you would like to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign or want more information about SOLOSOCKS 2.0™ click here.


Source: SOLOSOCKS™, Kickstarter