Sentry: The Newest Advanced, Secure, and Customizable Video Doorbell Launches on Kickstarter

Bosma has just introduced Sentry, a modular video doorbell system that brings a new level of security and awareness when monitoring the entryway of your home. Recently launched on Kickstarter, it’s the only video doorbell that proactively deters package thefts and allows you to configure its features based on your needs in conjunction with the BOSMA smart door lock.

Sentry is available in a basic version that has a high-quality video camera and doorbell system with two-way audio using the BOSMA smart door lock. The smart camera also includes an elite AI software that detects and alerts you when someone bends over at your doorstep to help prevent front porch package theft, in real-time. For enhanced security, the smart doorbell has four add-on options to meet your monitoring needs — you can choose to add a PIR + floodlight module, a fingerprint module, a gateway module and a weather sensor module.

Smart Doorbell + Video Camera

Sentry’s basic version includes a smart doorbell and video camera that features two-way audio, sound and motion detection, infrared and color night vision, the ability to leave voice messages, and AI active theft prevention. You can view live video stream from your app and get instant notifications whenever activity occurs.

Motion Detection + Color night Vision

Sentry will instantly detect motion or sound on your doorstep and alert you on your smartphone immediately. The regular Infrared Night Vision is in black and white, perfect for zero lighting conditions. If your doorstep has just a little bit of lighting, you can turn on color night vision.

Package Detection + Active Theft Prevention

Sentry’s basic version includes AI software with facial recognition to notify you when someone you know (or don’t know) is at the door, and when a package arrives. Using heuristics, Sentry can determine if someone is stealing a package — you can set an automatic trigger so a siren goes off, or you can activate a voice message alarm.

PIR + Floodlight Module

Sentry has an add-on option of a PIR sensor and a floodlight LED module. The passive infrared sensor only detects motion from heat sources like people and animals. The LED module perfectly illuminates and identifies the scene being recorded, ideal for nighttime video and recording.

Fingerprint Module + Smart Lock

The fingerprint module works as a biometric access for the BOSMA smart door lock — you can unlock your door with just a fingerprint rather than your phone. The fingerprint module’s smart lock connectivity enables remote unlocking, remote setting changes (including family or guest access permissions) and more.

Gateway Connectivity + Weather Monitoring

The internal gateway works with peripheral sensors that don’t have WiFi connectivity to give you an all-inclusive sensing experience — notifying you when a door or window in your home opens. With the weather module, Sentry can also sense, measure and report the temperature and humidity, right from the home screen of your smartphone app.

Kickstarter Campaign

Their Kickstarter goal pledged of $15,000 goal with 27 days to go left on the campaign. Their early bird special starts at $49.00 for the basic doorbell, smart video camera and 1-year subscription.

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