Power of Three Exhibit Showcases Austin-Based Women Artists Jodie King, Ana Stapleton & Stephanie Moore

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the in-person art exhibit event the POWER OF 3 at the South Congress Hotel showcasing Austin-based professional artist, educator, and entrepreneur Jodie King with Austin local female artists Ana Stapleton and Stephanie Moore. Celebrating women in the arts, the one-night-only show displayed the 3 artists curated collections with each style meticulously created to embrace joy and creativity proving women “have a seat” in the world of art. POWER OF 3 consists of bold and vibrant women, rebels, lovers, mothers, and leaders, weaving their stories and visions into a tapestry of artistic expression.

One of the first of the three powerful women I met was artist, instructor, author & speaker, Jodie King. She introduced me to some of her pieces made mostly from acrylic along with other methods like spray paint and mixed media. Layering seemed to be predominate through her collections, not just with paint but within the theme of the piece. Her “The Inner Circle” though abstract, the piece of an expression of the people you keep close to you, ie “inner circle. Another piece that King introduced to me was the “Slipping into Mischief” piece which represents a night where she had a freeing experience of skinny dipping.

King’s mixed media on canvas pieces “Jesus. The Rebel. II.,” “Harriet. The Rebel.,” “Annie. The Rebel.,” and “Betty. The Rebel.” included familiar and comedic quotes like “I literally gave you one job,” something women say often.  Throughout her collection you get a sense of rebellion mixed with story in each individual piece.   

Next, I met modern Mexican artist Ana Stapleton, a fellow Latina, whose art combines her love for the Hispanic culture and community branching from her life experiences. Bringing “Vibrant Paintings With Sass And Story” to the Power of Three exhibit her pieces had a mix of strong women in different settings and styles combined with story telling, idioms, song lyrics, and nostalgia.

Stapleton’s is inspired by the beauty and contrast of the Texas/ Mexico border, shown through out her collection. One of my favorite pieces, made on a beveled canvas frame, was a Latina woman with headphones with the quote “No Me Digas,” which formally means “Don’t tell me” however, within the culture, it means, in a gossip-like expression, “Tell me more!”  Another eye-catching piece with a Mexican idiom that conveys that one that is lost in translation was “Como Se Dice?/How Do You Say?” Stapleton’s collection brought the Latina vibe and culture to the show with her vibrant colors, unique artistry, and Mexican themes that made you either think or laugh.

Lastly, I met Stephanie Moore, a local artist and owner of Cush Cush Design, who created a new art form on large clear 22″ diameter acrylic domes known as “The Joy Dome sculpture.” A rare form of art, some pieces start with a decoupaged in construction paper and embellished with dried flowers, sequins and rhinestones. Acrylic combined with resin flowers custom-made by Moore were included in most of the pieces on display at the Power of Three exhibit. Adding more depth to the Joy Dome and square flower art pieces hang long fringes in various colors.

When speaking with Moore she explained how the Joy Domes were assembled with small plastic birds, flowers, mushrooms, colorful hair extensions, and more to create bright, unique sculptures on acrylic domes. Moore’s Joy Dome’s are made to bring whimsical happiness to each room when on display.

The Power of Three event also supported two amazing charities The Spence Family Synovial Sarcoma Fund and The Thrive Society Foundation by donating original art and all proceeds from raffle tickets sold as well as a percentage of event bar sales.

To learn more about the Power of Three please visit: https://jodieking.com/the-power-of-3.


Jodie King is an artist, instructor, author & speaker whose mission is to help others excavate their own authentic power, freedom and joy through the use of art and creativity. She possesses a combination of playful irreverence and spirituality with almost 20 years of art experience that resonates with her audience from around the world. Jodie’s “no one is the boss of you” attitude about painting, life, and creativity have garnered her collectors from around the world who resonate with the rebelliousness and passion in her art.

From speaking at The Conference on World Affairs to being featured in Forbes and writing for Entrepreneur Magazine, hosting workshops around the globe, and supporting her own local art community here in Austin, Jodie King is here to show the world what a wild woman armed with a paintbrush and a canvas can do. She is helping as many artists as she can tap into their own expression, leave it on the canvas, and turn their art into dollars (if they want).


Ana Martinez Stapleton is a modern Mexican artist and writer living in Austin, Texas. She earned a BA in Liberal Arts from Duke University and a JD from the University of Texas School of Law. After passing the bar exam, Ana quickly pivoted back to her true passion for art and never looked back. Ana’s creative career spans the realms of art, film, hospitality, and design. Her studio work is inspired by the beauty and contrast of the Texas Mexico border and the lived female experience. Idioms, song lyrics, nostalgia, and dreams scaffold the stories she tells on the canvas. 


Stephanie Moore, owner of Cush Cush Design, studied Fashion Design and Fabric Design at The University of North Texas and The Paris Fashion Institute. She worked in the movie and fashion business as a pattern maker and designer, eventually parlaying her creativity into custom window treatments that can be found in high- profile businesses and residences throughout Austin and central Texas. She now creates bold, resin art and her colorful Joy Dome Mandala sculptures. These acrylic domes are assembled with small plastic birds, flowers, mushrooms, colorful hair extensions, and more to create bright, unique sculptures that bring whimsy and joy to every room.


Source: Jodie King, Ana Martinez Stapleton, Stephanie Moore, Jodie King, South Congress Hotel