TOMS Unveils “Wear Good” Campaign with MILCK, Christian Cowan, Jacqueline Garcia, Tay Lautner, Millana Snow & Mandy Teefey

The footwear brand known for their One for One giving model, TOMS, has unveiled its Spring/ Summer 2024 Wear Good campaign. TOMS new “Wear Good” Campaign brings its mission to life through a diverse lineup of mental-health advocates across various industries. TOMS Wear Good compassionistas include musician MILCK, designer Christian Cowan, licensed therapist Jacqueline Garcia, podcast host Tay Lautner, breathwork facilitator Millana Snow, and co-founder and CEO of Wondermind Mandy Teefey

Christian Cowan

Starting today, April 16, 2024, the Wear Good campaign went live across social media, streaming services, influencer campaigns, and SMS & email channels. The 360-degree campaign reaches the TOMS target customer – someone with a strong sense of self and style that transcends trends, and who leads with an empathetic and action-driven mentality.


TOMS aims to empower their consumers to see themselves in the campaign: imploring them to show how and why they choose to Wear Good. TOMS tagline Wear Good reaffirms the brand’s commitment to donating 1/3 of profits for good – namely by helping fund access to mental health resources for the millions of people who need them. 

Millana Snow

Those featured in this season’s campaign showcase both a unique sense of style, prioritizing comfort and accessibility. They share their unique and personal stories related to mental health and what actions they take to support their mental health.

Jacqueline Garcia

Each of the compassionistas are champions of mental health in their own right and TOMS is proud to partner with these six individuals to platform the meaningful work that they do. Throughout the course of the campaign, customers will be able to peek into each creator’s personal narratives and personal style and learn tips on what each of them does to support their own mental health.

Tay Lautner

Wear Good is a testament to the brand’s values in action as it continues to champion mental health advocacy and build a supportive community. Through the SS24 Wear Good campaign, TOMS reaffirms its commitment to making a positive impact on the world while empowering individuals to express their unique sense of style with purpose.

Mandy Teefey

So join TOMS by shopping your values and showing you choose to Wear Good. Visit TOMS here:


TOMS has been in the business of improving lives since its start in 2006. As the pioneers of the One for One giving model, they’ve evolved their strategy to give a third of their profits to help support organizations making meaningful mental health strides in their communities. Simply put, they wear their impact. From their iconic Alpargatas and espadrilles to boots, sandals, eyewear, and apparel, they offer stylish, comfortable, versatile ways to quite little Wear Good. As a Certified B Corp, they are proud to meet its standards of transparency, accountability, and social / environmental performance. Together with your support and their impact partners, they have positively impacted over 105 million lives. With each pair of TOMS that you buy, you help spread good father and faster. Wear TOMS. Wear Good. 


Source: TOMS, MILCK, Christian Cowan, Jacqueline Garcia, Tay Lautner, Millana Snow, Mandy Teefey