Developer’s Week To Return to Austin in November

The city of Austin, Texas has been a technology hub for a while now so it’s only fitting to have a Developers conference in the “Silicon Hills.” Developer’s Week will once again host one of the biggest developer’s conference in Austin, Texas from November 6th through the 8th. During Austin’s Developer’s Week attendees can attend workshops and meet exhibitors who are revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence development, JavaScript development, and Dev Management.

Austin Developers week consist of 100+ Speakers, 80+ Dev Technologies to discover, 2,000+ developers and IT buyers. Typically those who attend are 40%+ Tech decision makers like C-Level, VP-Level or Director-Level. The other portion of attendees include 50%+ Engineers / Developers. Tickets start at $200.00 and can be purchased here when you register to attend:

Below are the ticket deadlines:

Discount Deadline EXEC PRO OPEN
7/19/2018 $845
($250 SAVINGS)
($350 SAVINGS)
9/10/2018 $895
($200 SAVINGS)
($300 SAVINGS)
10/4/2018 $995
($100 SAVINGS)
($100 SAVINGS)
11/5/2018 $1,045
Onsite $1,095 $745 $200

Below is what your pass will get you into while attending Developers Week:

Conference Components EXEC Pass PRO Pass OPEN DEV Pass
VIP Reception X X
VIP Access Lounge X
Lunch (2 days included) X
Online Networking App (Vendor Access) X
DevExec Conference X
DevOps Conference X X
FinTech Dev Conference X X
API & Microservices Conference X X
JavaScript Conference X X
Mobile Dev & Serverless Tracks X X
City-Wide Partner Events X X X
OPEN Talks X X X
Online Networking App X X X
Mentorship Mixers X X X
Keynotes X X X
2-Day Expo Hall X X X

Developer’s Week will consist of several keynotes, panels and workshops. Below are the events you may want to attend while at Austin’s Developer’s Week:


DevExec Conference is the largest convergence of Dev managers and Dev execs in Austin with the purpose of peer-to-peer education and thought leadership talks on best practices.

  • Hiring and Scaling a Dev Team
  • Managing Developers
  • The Dev Manager Career


Javascript is taking over as both a back-end and front-end development framework for web and mobile applications. From Node, Angular, and Backbone to and Firebase, What are the front-end and back-end framework and library choices? This multi-day Javascript track includes both educational workshops and Javascript Tech lightning talks.


  • Wednesday, Nov 7, 3:25 pm: Accelerate the Pace of Innovation through Microservices

Learn how a microservices approach exposed through APIs can be the solution needed to enable you to meet the increased business demands to quickly add new functionality.William A. Brown, IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO Cloud Application Services @ IBM

  • Wednesday, Nov 7, 1:00 pm: The Changing Role of Developers and Modern Career Opportunities

Explore how developers can help themselves navigate their new environment and discuss things such as very senior developer roles, potential moves to other disciplines, and when/if they should look at management roles. Terry Leeper, CTO @ Amazon Business, Amazon

  • Thursday, Nov 8, 9:00 am: Managing Technology Challenges with Startup Scaling

Come learn how to you manage to build the right team, align business and technology strategies while managing technology challenges with scaling startups.
Rohini Pradeep, VP, Head of Engineering & Technology @ Little Passports

  • Thursday, Nov 8, 3:00 pm: From Development to Preeminent – Finding your Niche

Learn how to avoid common pitfalls, how to set and reach new goals, and how to become recognized as a leader by your peers and in your industry. Jason Geffner, Director, Security Engineering @ Electronic Arts (EA)

  • Thursday, Nov 8, 1:00 pm: Volumetric Capture & Photogrammetry for VR

Learn how volumetric capture and photogrammetry bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world. Tim Porter, CTO & Founder @ Underminer Studios

This is only a glimpse of what will occur during Austin’s Developer’s Week as there are tons more scheduled throughout the week. To view the whole schedule and for more information please visit:

I’m unfortunately out of town during the conference but hope to get a recap of what I missed during those 3 days! Stay tuned!