Uber’s JUMP Chooses Austin as Their Second City to Launch Their New 10 City Dockless Electric Scooter Initiative

The dockless electric scooter business in Austin has mostly been by BIRD or LIME and has taken the traffic-ridden city by storm with this alternative way to commute. As reported in my USA Herald, Uber’s JUMP recently launched their own dockless electric scooter starting with Santa Monica as the first city to test out their new services. It apparently went well as they have picked Austin as their second city to launch JUMP dockless electric scooters!

How do you reserve Uber’s JUMP Dockless Electric Scooter in Austin?

  • Open your Uber app, then tap Ride at the top of your screen.
  • Select Bike & Scooter. You’ll see all the scooters near you on the map.
  • You can either tap to reserve a scooter on the map, or walk up and unlock it by scanning the QR code on the handlebar.
  • You could also enter the alphanumeric ID on the scooter into the app to unlock it.
  • Reserving a scooter in the app ahead of time ensures the scooter is there for you when you arrive.

JUMP’S EBIKES & Dockless Electric Scooter’s Austin Rates and Guidelines:

  • EBIKES Rates: $2 For 30 Minutes ($.07/Min After That)
  • Electric Scooter Rates: $1 For The First 5 Minutes ( $.15/Min After That)
  • JUMP’ EBIKES and electric scooter Guidelines: Clock starts when you reserve a bike or scooter via the Uber app. For e-bikes after the first 30 minutes and for scooters after the first 5 minutes, trips are prorated to the minute. A $25 fee for locking outside the system servicing area in Austin. Please note: bikes can be placed on HOLD for up to an hour.

In celebration of JUMP launching their Electric Scooter in Austin, they are offering free JUMP rides on both EBIKES and electric scooters through Sunday, November 11 for up to 30 minutes a ride and up to 5 rides per day. JUMP Free helmets will be distributed at 507 Calles St, Austin, TX 78702 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 3pm-6pm.

The City of Austin EBIKES & Dockless Electric Scooter’s Rules and Guidelines:

Austin has had its fair share of rogue drivers and parking of EBIKES & dockless electric scooter’s throughout the city so abiding by these is crucial. Per the city of Austin these are the guidelines using dockless mobility services.

  • Pedestrians First – Yield to people walking on sidewalks.
  • Park Responsibly – Park in a secure, upright position in designated areas, such as furniture zones of sidewalks, public bike racks and other marked parking zones. On sidewalks, give at least 3 feet of clearance for accessibility.
  • Stay on Right of Way – Do not take dockless devices to unauthorized areas, such as private property, parkland, or state-owned land, unless otherwise authorized.
  • Know What You’re Sharing – Users have access to dockless mobility services without having to share Personally Identifiable Information and can opt in to data sharing only after getting clear information about what data will be shared.
  • Right and Report – If you see a unit toppled over or parked improperly, help out by righting the unit and reporting the issue to Austin 3-1-1.

In Austin and as of today you will now see JUMP’s dockless electric scooters on your Uber app available to reserve.  To learn more about JUMP’s Austin services please visit: https://jump.com/cities/austin/.

To learn more about JUMP’s Santa Monica launch and view my article on USA Herald please visit: https://usaherald.com/ubers-jump-launches-dockless-electric-scooters/. If you want to check out what other 8 cities JUMP will be launching please visit: https://jump.com/cities/.


Source: Uber, JUMP, USA Herald