Maya Hogan Introduces Fall/Winter 2024 Collection

Maya Hogan, a 21-year-old designer and senior at Pratt Institute of Design, debuted her Fall/Winter 2024 collection during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Hosted by production company Presage, the Fall/ Winter 2024 collection featured innovative silhouettes and laser ink patterns from a skirt made from handcuffs to shirts made out of ties and gloves.

Designed to have its own distinctive construction, as a collection each concept was integrated into another creating a seamless blend between pieces. Though the collection was made up of neutral colors, the eccentric designs themselves made up for the lack of color. 

Honing on her tattoo skills, the 28 looks incorporated her inspiration from tattoos by having laser etched cyber sigils, screen prints, and geometric cuts.

Right from the beginning the collection stunned the audience by having the first two models dance across the runway wearing jester masks. 

With the premise of fashion meets tattoos, designer Maya Hogan drew inspiration from her passion for tattoos and being a tattoo artist. Mimicing the art of a tattoo, a majority of her designs use the concepts of line work, weight, and contour, as well as the idea of permanence vs impermanence. Hogan hopes those who are not comfortable with permanent tattoos to experience the art and negate the negative stereotypes that surround the industry.

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About Maya Hogan

Maya Hogan is a current senior at Pratt Institute of Design and is graduating in May 2024. She started tattooing in her hometown in Atlanta where she fell in love with the art form. She wanted to combine her passions for design and tattooing and started to use some of the techniques of tattooing when she made her pieces both in school and with her private clients. She debuted just last September during her self-funded show dedicated to Project Ashima, a non-profit focusing on programming art and music therapy for the youth of underprivileged communities affected by violence.

In the future, Maya plans on launching her own non-profit organization called Rebel Run where the goal is to create a platform for young designers. This movement will provide them with resources needed to succeed such as business guidance, access to venue space, connection with those in the industry, etc.


Source: Maya Hogan