New Scientist Magazine Launches New Expert-Led Discovery Tours

Have you ever wanted a unique travel or tour experience based on science or technology? New Scientist, the world’s leading science and technology magazine, has launched its new “Discovery Tours” that incorporate a range of scientific themes including astronomy, wildlife, volcanology, space travel, particle physics and pre-historic culture. The 2020 and 2012 program of science-inspired travel experiences led by a science expert is now available to book. The highlights include tracking snow leopards in the Himalayas, discovering the origins of humankind in ancient caves in Spain, exploring dark matter at CERN in Switzerland and many more global locations.

Each Discovery Tour is accompanied by an expert from New Scientist’s expansive network of editors, science specialists, academics and authors. Travelers will have the opportunity to engage with them as they share their extensive scientific knowledge during each uniquely curated travel experience.

Below are the current Discovery Tours offered by New Scientist:

Cruise Hawaii with Richard Dawkins, USA

Eight days from $10,561 per person, departing on 22nd October 2020.

This cruise around the fascinating islands of Hawaii is led by evolutionary biologist and renowned author, Richard Dawkins. Participants will embark on an experience of history and culture, exploring sites including the Volcanic National Park and observatories on Mauna Kea. In the evenings, attendees will engage in thought-provoking seminars from Richard. Excludes flights.

Track Snow Leopards in the Himalayas, India

12 days from $7,453 per person, departing on 22nd March 2020.

Endangered, beautiful and elusive, snow leopards are rarely seen in the world. This expedition works with the Snow Leopard Conservancy Trust India in Ladakh and is accompanied by naturalist, trekker and guide Jennifer Nandi. It uses a team of expert trackers to help visitors search for ‘The Ghost of the Himalaya’ as they explore the Ulley Valley. Excludes international flights. Includes all accommodation, ground transport, some meals and entry to some attractions.

Space: Past & Future, USA

14 days from $5,966 per person, departing on 6th May 2020 and 15 days from $6,571 departing on 14th September 2020.

This comprehensive tour visits key sites in the history and future of space exploration: from NASA Space Centres, several museums across Washington, Orlando and Houston to the Very Large Array, Roswell and the stunning natural landscapes of New Mexico. The tour will culminate at the Virgin Galactic Spaceport America, which will soon be launching commercial space flights. Joining the tour will be Astronomer Chris Impey, journalist Rebecca Boyle and journalist / presenter Sarah Cruddas. Excludes international flights. Includes all accommodation and domestic transport, daily breakfast, entry to all attractions and a guide throughout.

Japan: nature, culture, science, Tokyo to Kagoshima, Japan

12 days from $8,323 per person departing on 18th October 2020.

This tour will take visitors on a journey through Japan, exploring the burgeoning technology centres and spectacular landscapes in Tokyo, Hakone and Kagoshima. The tour will take place during winter, where participants will visit snow-capped mountains, buzzing metropolises, hot springs and volcanic islands. Visitors will visit leading institutions and explore space, robotics and learn about AI.

Excludes international flights. Includes all accommodation, some meals, ground transport and entry to all sites and attractions.

Kepler’s Prague: Music of the Spheres, Czech Republic

Six days from $2,447 per person departing on 14th April and 14th September 2020.

Accompanied by science writer and broadcaster Jane Green, visitors can follow in the footsteps of astronomer, mathematician and astrologer Johannes Kepler and astronomer, Tycho Brahe, as they unearth the connection between music and orbits of the planets in the city of a hundred spires. Visitors will discover what remains of the legacy of Kepler and Brahe, while exploring the medieval centre of Prague and its surrounding regions. Includes return flights from London, ground transport, some meals and entry to all attractions.

Darwin’s Galapagos, Ecuador

10 days from $8,698 per person, departing on 7th June 2020.

Known as a paradise for natural history and a haven for animal and geology lovers, visitors will experience the hidden bays of the Galapagos, just like Darwin. Led by marine conservationist and documentary producer, Jo Ruxton, the tour will start in Quito, Ecuador’s capital and UNESCO world cultural heritage site, before attendees embark on an eight-day yacht charter around the islands. Excludes international flights. Includes domestic transport, some meals, entry to attractions and a guide throughout.

Whale watching in Baja, Mexico

12 days from $7,456 per person, departing on 23rd February 2021.

Setting off from San Diego, this sea voyage around the Baja is a wonderful opportunity for visitors to explore this rich marine world alongside leading naturalist guides. While this tour is primarily focused on whale watching, there is a huge breadth of experiences from snorkeling and hiking to birding and wildlife photography. Excludes flights. Includes all boat accommodation, F&B and snorkeling equipment.

Science of the Renaissance, Italy

Seven days from $2,269 per person departing on 3rd March and 3rd November 2020.

Visitors will encounter the great scientific minds and discoveries of the Renaissance on a cultural adventure across the pre-eminent cities of science – Florence and Bologna – on a tour led by art and architecture expert Andrew Spira and accompanied by scientific historian Professor David Wootton. The tour will look at the wondrous collections, buildings and churches that demonstrate the burgeoning of knowledge of the period whilst visitors enjoy these beautiful cities. Includes UK return flights, accommodation, some meals, ground transfers and entry to all attractions.

Land of fire and ice, Iceland

Six days from $3,355 per person departing on 31st October and 8th November 2020.

This tour is filled with volcanic and geological adventure, and opportunities to see the Aurora Borealis. Visitors will spend time with a leading academic volcanologist, Tamsin Mather, as they marvel at the sights, sounds and smells of erupting geysers, hot springs and bubbling mud. Travellers will also visit glaciers, stunning waterfalls and see visible tectonic plates pulling apart. Excludes international flights. Includes all accommodation and domestic transport, daily breakfast and entry to all attractions.

Explore dark & frozen matter, CERN & Mont Blanc, Switzerland

Six days from $3,355 per person departing on 20th April and 17th September 2020.

Accompanied by particle physicist Kate Shaw and science journalist Laura Spinney, this tour focuses on CERN, where the famous Large Hadron Collider operates, and Mont Blanc to investigate receding glaciers and what they reveal about history. During the stay in Geneva, visitors will also explore the old town, visit the Museum of the History of Science and learn about watchmaking at a historic workshop. Includes UK return flights, ground transport, all accommodation, some meals and entry to all attractions.

Ancient Caves, Human Origins, Bilbao & Santander, Spain

Seven days from $2,610 per person, departing on 16th May and 12th September 2020.

Visitors can step back over 10,000 years to discover how our ancestors played, lived and worked. They will get to see the oldest known cave painting in the world at El Castillo and experience the wonders of Las Monedas, La Peña Cave, El Pindal and Tito Bustillo in small groups by torchlight. The tour will also include visits to the beautiful towns and cities of Bilbao, Santander, Santilla and Oviedo followed by a trip to the Guggenheim Museum and Rioja wine-tasting with a local expert. Excludes flights. Includes all accommodation, breakfasts and evening meals, ground transport and entry to all attractions.

Tigers of India

12 days from $6,212 per person, departing on 26th March 2020.

On this tour, visitors will search for the Bengal tiger, while staying in award-winning lodges at the Kanha, Pench and Satpura reserves. Guests will become experts in how to track these elusive creatures, while exploring India’s diverse wildlife with conservationist Julian Matthews. Guest lecturers will share insight into the challenges conservationists face in modern India and how tourism can be used a force for good. Excludes international flights. Includes domestic transport, some meals and entry to all attractions.

Wildlife of Madagascar

12 days from $7,454 per person departing on 1st September 2020.

Visitors will experience the unique and diverse ecosystem of Madagascar by plane, boat and authentic bush camps while also visiting the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust where they will accompany rangers on patrols. Visitors will explore Andasibe forest to see lemurs and discover the fossas of Kirindy Reserve, Amber Mountain National Park and Tsingy. Canoeing, sunset hill walks and night-time exploration offer a stunning insight into Madagascar. Excludes international flights. Includes accommodation, all park fees and excursions and domestic transport.

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Source: New Scientist