Submission to Put Your Name on Mars Ends TODAY

TODAY is the last day to enter your name to be put on Mars during NASA’s November 2018 exploration.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter your name on the NASA site and a few other details on the site located here.
  • Your name will make the outer space trip on a silicone microchip aboard the InSight lander when it lands on Mars in November 2018 to explore the planet’s deep interior.
  • You’ll also get a digital boarding pass, with your name on it that you can print or post online.

This fly-your-name opportunity comes with “frequent flier” points reflecting an individual’s personal participation in NASA’s exploration of Mars. These points span multiple missions and multiple decades. This new round of names will be added to a second microchip.

If you’re a new flyer scroll down after the Insight photo the main page located here: Below is what the form looks like:

Already a frequent flyer? Fill out the form below the new flyer form located here: Below is what the form looks like:

If you have already submitted and want to print out your boarding pass scroll down the main site past the New Flyer Form and Frequent Flyer Form. It the last form on the page and look like this:

InSight is scheduled to launch next May from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. For more information about putting your name in Mars click here.