LaMetric SKY’s Pre-Order Campaign Begins Today

LaMetric, creator of LaMetric TIME smart clock, announced today the start of their preorder campaign of the second product, LaMetric SKY. The new SKY mosaic light panels are aimed to decorate your wall with meaningful shapes, eye-catching light effects, motivate with social media counters and sales figures and more more. The inspiration for mosaic style came from the stained glass, the colored and painted glass of medieval Europe from the 10th to the 16th century.

A starter pack of LaMetric SKY will consist of 4 borderless light panels of right triangle shape with 32 independent color zones each and double-sided tapes to mount everything up. Light panels can be assembled into different shapes using corner to corner, side to side, corner to side and half to half side assembling methods. SKY is designed to work out of the box by selecting the desired shape, mounting light surfaces on the wall, plugging it in and get into the atmosphere of seasons of the year with summer, autumn, winter or spring transfusions of the triangle pieces.

The SKY’s proprietary technology of assembling surfaces that touch each other in one point makes it possible to decorate a much bigger area of the wall with fewer surfaces. The sixteen (16) surfaces ideally form seven (7) Tangram pieces, opens door to Tangram world and philosophy with all meaningful figures. Customers can create hundreds of shapes that are available in the shape catalog with detailed mounting instructions. You can choose from a fish, cat, diamond, crown, bird or your own shape.

With SKY faces customers have the ability to display pixel faces, that comes in a much bigger size now. Imagine a painting on your wall which makes you smile and can be changed whenever you want. To build a sky face, you’ll need to assemble 4 light panels into a square and select a pattern among 25 thousands of faces –  animals, emotions, game characters. You can even create your own.

You can add your SKY into an official iPhone or Android smartphone app and select among millions of colors, change the brightness and unlock natural effects like sunrise, clouds, rainbow, lightning, rain, ripples and more.

Having sixteen (16) light panels, you can build an informative screen in the living room or near your work desk and get important information at a glance. Time, weather, day, week number, custom text or follower count of your social media accounts for your next video or photo to engage people to subscribe.

SKY has tap capabilities where you can tap twice to turn on/off the lights, tap once to change the light effects. You can also talk to your SKY using voice assistants. Turn on/off, change brightness, switch visual effect via Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

SKY and TIME smart clock are designed for the whole house, but especially for desk setups. When you want to light up your favorite effect just click a button on TIME. In addition with the smart clock, SKY can automatically adjust brightness due to the TIME’s ambient light sensor. It also lights up with TIME’s notifications like new follower on Facebook, SKY fires in blue or on YouTube in red.

SKY is designed to work out of the box and get basic features without setup procedure via smartphone. The setup process is pretty simple. Once you decide on the design of your SKY (using shape catalog or inventing your own figure) and mount light surfaces on the wall.

SKY Setup Process Includes:

  • Attach every cable splitter on the wall using double-sided tapes which you can find on the rear side of it;
  • Connect cable splitters with cables;
  • Cover up cable splitters with light surfaces;
  • Plug the SKY in and enjoy the four seasons visual effects. Tap once to switch the effect, twice to turn on/off.

You can also get more features with iPhone or Android smartphone app:

  • Use a smartphone as a remote
  • Unlock natural phaenomena visual effects, sky faces or informational apps
  • Voice control via Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • One-button control and automatically adjust brightness in combination with LaMetric TIME

To get this, you need to add SKY into the mobile app using proprietary technology where the camera of the mobile phone will scan color-code on your surfaces and recognize assembled shape and identify the location of each surface.

SKY pre-order campaign for the first batch will take place on and last for one month from 25th July to 25th August. Pre-order campaign of the first batch is limited for US, EU and Switzerland customers. Super early birds can enjoy discounts and preorder SKY, which available in four sets in the limited amount. 

US, Switzerland

  • $172 for LaMetric SKY 4 (128 colorful triangles / 4 surfaces) – 25% OFF from RRP $229
  • $246 for LaMetric SKY 6 (192 colorful triangles / 6 surfaces) – 25% OFF from RRP $328
  • $299 for LaMetric SKY 8 (256 colorful triangles / 8 surfaces) – 30% OFF from RRP $427
  • $576 for LaMetric SKY 16 (512 colorful triangles / 16 surfaces) – 30% OFF from RRP $823


  • €172 for LaMetric SKY 4 (128 colorful triangles / 4 surfaces) – 25% OFF  from RRP €229
  • €246 for LaMetric SKY 6 (192 colorful triangles / 6 surfaces) – 25% OFF  from RRP €328
  • €299 for LaMetric SKY 8 (256 colorful triangles / 8 surfaces) – 30% OFF  from RRP €427
  • €576 for LaMetric SKY 16 (512 colorful triangles / 16 surfaces) – 30% OFF  from RRP €823

Shipping is planned for this Winter of 2020 and can be pre-ordered here: To learn more about the TIME smart clock please visit:

We are requesting a review sample of SKY as our Hi-Tech Chic’s Office needs some sprucing and would be a fun product review so stay tuned!


Source: LaMetric