Apollo AR Clock & Saturn V AR Metal Model Launches on Kickstarter

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Gravitation Innovation just launched their Kickstarter campaign for their latest clock called the ‘Apollo AR’ and rocket model ‘SaturnV’. The augmented reality clock and lifelike metal model that launched today has $3,800 pledged of $10,000 goal with 34 days to go left of their Kickstarter campaign.

The Apollo AR Clock is the first-ever augmented reality-enabled clock designed by resources from NASA. Instead of numbers for each hour, though, it utilizes logos from the various Apollo missions. The minute hand depicts the Saturn V rocket, and the hour hand takes the shape of the LC-39 launch tower that sent the rocket into space. You can also Join the lunar journey on Apollo clock with Augmented Reality technology SpaceG App available in the Apple and Google Play store.

SpaceG is an augmented reality space app for space enthusiasts around the world. It can interact with different hardware. You can learn more about the structural information of spacecraft, launch rockets, space suits, etc.

The AR experience vividly shows Apollo’s previous mission. By aiming your phone’s camera at the clock, you can view virtual scenes showing what it would have looked like to view the earth and the moon from the Apollo spacecraft in Lunar orbit. You can also enjoy an interactive, 3-D map of the moon’s surface and find out the landing site for each Apollo mission.

The Saturn V rocket carried the Apollo spacecraft into orbit so that it could carry men to the moon. This unique package includes a scale model of the rocket, made of durable, high-quality metal.

The model comes with a display stand, complete with spotlights. For even more function and convenience, this stand also incorporates wireless charging capabilities. You can also launch the rocket to the moon with the Augmented Reality technology app as well.

With both models you have the ability to send your name and message to space via QR code provided with both models. Their Kickstarter early bird specials for the Apollo AR Clock and Saturn V model are listed below.

To back their Kickstarter campaign please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/apollo50th/apollo-50th-apollo-ar-clock-and-saturnv-ar-metal-model/description. For more information about Gravitation Innovation please visit: https://www.gravitationinnovation.com/.


Source: Gravitation Innovation, Kickstarter