Leighelena Jewelry Teams Up with Austin Pet’s Alive! to Help Pets Effected by Hurricane Harvey

Leighelena Jewelry is within walking distance from my condo in Austin and stop by their store to check out their latest cuffs and bracelets ever so often. For us Texans helping the victims for Hurricane Harvey is second nature and across the state you can truly see how strong Texas is and Leighelena Jewelry is no different.

Due to Hurricane Harvey there are still a bunch of our furry little friends out there with no home. Leighelena Jewelry stores are working with Austin Pet’s Alive! to raise $5000. Throughout Harvey Austin Pet’s Alive! has been working non-stop to save as many animals as possible. Below are the incredible achievements they have accomplished throughout the hurricane…but they still need help!

  • Over 2,000 animals to be rescued by Austin Pet’s Alive!
  • APA! to open two temporary shelters – one in Austin and one Houston – to help manage the scale of this effort.
  • Over 6,000 volunteer hours at our Austin locations as well as our Katy/Houston operational centers.
  • The number of dogs in foster to have tripled; the number of cats in foster to have doubled.
  • Shelters in Houston and along the Texas coast to have help evacuating their pets to safety – and receive supplies from APA! to help them get back on their feet. APA! has acted as a supply hub for shelters in need, helping them get the necessary supplies through this crisis. If your shelter has been affected by Harvey and needs help, please email harveyhelp@austinpetsalive.org.

They are a third of our way to reaching our goal to sell 100 of their Wide & Double Maize and Black Lizard bracelets to gift Austin Pet’s Alive! with $5000 for the pets impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. They have sold 34 bracelets to help Austin Pet’s Alive! so they have a way to go to achieve their goal but you can help even if you’re in another state. The Wide & Double Maize and Black Lizard including shipping, is only $75, (normally $128-149). This is a special price they are able to offer to help Austin Pet’s Alive! This is a limited offer, once they sell out they have raised our goal.

To purchase the Wide & Double Maize and Black Lizard bracelet and support Austin Pet’s Alive! initiative to save pets due to Hurricane Harvey’s massive storm destruction click here.


Source: Austin Pet’s Alive!, Leighelena Jewelry