Hurricane Harvey and Irma Volunteering and Donation Sites

As a Texan who has family in Houston, Harvey was a major deviation to the city of Houston and people’s homes. I can only imagine how much fear residence in Miami are feeling right now!

Per CNN, there are currently 10,265 Miami-Dade residents at shelters throughout the county, per communications director Mike Hernandez. Thirteen shelters have been opened and five of those are already at capacity, Hernandez says.

For those seeing this across the country wondering how you can help Harvey and Irma Victims below is a list of not only places to donate but the most need right now is volunteers.

Red Cross:

“The American Red Cross is helping the people affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Louisiana and across the Gulf Coast. Shelters are open, truckloads of supplies are being distributed and volunteers are in place. But we need more volunteers – amazing people like you!”

Texas Coast Guard:

“These brave Coast Guard service members are working around the clock in high winds, torrential rains, and flooding conditions to help those in Texas and surrounding areas to higher ground.” Emergency Support: Help Coast Guard Members Impacted by Hurricane Harvey


“Your gift makes it possible for Americares to get medicine and critical care to people in need. For every $1 donated, Americares has provided $20 in aid.”

All Hands Volunteers:

“Over 200 Million Lives are Disrupted by Natural Disasters Every Year.”


“The overhead rate for our Hurricane Irma response is 10%. We use donations to ensure help for those who need it most, carefully manage funds, and will report back on your impact.”

Convoy of Hope:

“Hurricane Irma Response that deliver help to those in need.”

Team Rubicon:

“Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.”


“Hurricane Harvey has caused severe damage to the state of Texas and will need assistance for years to come to fully recover”.

God Bless and our prayers go out to all hurricane victims!